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2 Million B.C Slot – Betsoft
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2 Million B.C SlotThe 2 Million B.C. is an online slots machine that is based on a time long, long ago. It is mainly focused on a caveman who began a journey of a lifetime in search for precious diamonds that his beloved cave-woman wanted more than anything else in the world.

He moved through the jungle encountering dangerous jungle creatures, bravely overcoming all obstacles that stood in his way. Although you may not be a native caveman or cavewoman, you can join him on his journey to find those precious diamonds. So throw on your caveman garb, arm yourself with a club and begin your adventure.

Play 2 Million B.C

Gaming Features

2 Million B.C online slot machine that takes its players on a trip back into time to a prehistoric era unlike any other. It was created through the imaginative and innovative minds at Betsoft, designed to bring slot machine enthusiasts more than any other slot machine ever has before. This slot machine is completely free to play and allows its players the chance to win some real life money. 2 Million B.C. also offers a multi-player option, as well as an arcade mode, giving players every option they need to make the game more pleasing to play. This particular slot machine is a 5-reel slot machine with 30 various pay-lines that will keep you entertained for hours on end. In 2 million B.C. players will experience realistic 3D graphics and high quality animations, along with various musical themes and sound effects that will draw players into the game.

Even more so, this slot machine has been designed with unique, one-of-a-kind jungle themed features that cannot be found in any other slot machine. Players will feel as if they are in a real life adventure when the set their eyes of the vibrant colored sky, green vines, and the multi-dimensional leaves. Additionally, players will find detailed cave drawings, historical pieces of pottery, glistening gemstones, and stone-aged animals like the saber tooth tiger and sloths during their game play. Among the already outstanding effects found throughout the game, the life-like features and personality of the caveman himself is even more appealing. Having normal human tendencies such as a bold sense of humor and impatient outbursts, will just make you want to play more to see what else he will say or do.

Game Play

When players first start their game they will first need to figure out what they want to put down as a wager. Players are able to adjust the bets whenever they want to, and bets can be placed in increments of anywhere between 1 credit up to 150 credits. This allows for a wider range of bets that many other games do not provide. Whatever a player bets will determine what the jackpot will be. Jackpot is determined by taking whatever the player bets and multiplying it by 500. The more credits that a player bets, the higher the jackpot will be. Once a bet has been placed, your ready to begin playing.

Bonus Features

Additionally, in the 2 Million B.C slot game, there are more various combinations players can get that will score them some cold hard cash, that other games do not offer. One of the biggest payouts that a player can get is by scoring the jackpot. In order to obtain a jackpot, players must get 5 of the stone-age heroines to appear all in one of their active pay-lines. Even more so, there are other good paying combinations players can get other than the jackpot, including the free spin bonus. For players to get the free spin bonus, they will need to get at least three of the campfire symbols on their screen at the same time.

Furthermore, this game also features a bonus game called the saber attack. Players will be taken to the bonus game where they have the opportunity to win a lot of extra cash if they can successfully shoot the saber tooth tiger that is on the screen. In order for players to get the saber attack bonus game, they will need to have at least three chestnuts on their screen at the same time. There are many other money winning combinations available in 2 Million B.C. slots, giving players more and more opportunities to win money and play one of the most entertaining games available online.