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20,000 Leagues SlotSlot machines have always been popular since their inception in the late 1800’s. Over the years more and more different styles of slot machine casino games have emerged. There was a time when players had to drive out of state to enjoy casino games in states where gambling was legal, those days are long gone. The internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the avid casino game enthusiast.
The slot games themselves have also undergone a great deal of evolving and now the games are made with a wide variety of themes to choose from. One of those themes is 20,000 leagues.

20,000 leagues Under the sea was an epic 1954 film in which the mysteries of the sea were explored. It was an all star cast. Most of the actors went on to become the most amazing stars in our time. The film was Disney first science fiction production and changed the way Disney made films.The film was adapted form a novel by a man named Jules Verne.

The slot machine that boast the same name uses the idea of the movie to create its reels. it has a reel with five lines and nine line interface and a top price that is worth five thousand coins.

Let’s further explore the inner working of this popular slot game 20,000 leagues. As with most slot machine games there are some special symbols to watch out for. Those include: The submarine, which was one of the main aspects of the book, back in 1954 the submarine was heard of all over the world yet still not a commercial vessel. It is said that the idea of underwater exploration through such a vessel has been around since 413 BC, and later it was also stated that in front of The Holy Roman Emperor Charles the V two Greek men submerged themselves in a vessel while holding a lit candle, and re-emerged with the candle still a flame. This occurred on the river Tagus, near a city called Toledo.

The submarine wild symbol can only appear on reels one, two, four, and five.

The other wild symbol is the 20,000 leagues symbol which can only appear on the third reel in the middle. The appearance of these wild cards resembles luck for the player and can result in a bigger win. It is when the player gets two of the wild symbols to appear on the same line that a player gets a free spin.
Other symbols in the twenty thousands leagues casino slot game are the normal Q = Queen, K = King, and J = Jack, then there are the symbols that give the player the largest payout. Those symbols include the Captain of course as there would be no underwater navigation with out the captain of the ship, or in this case the submersible. The Shark, which is known as the fiercest creature in the sea. The treasure chest, one of the reasons people voyage to the bottom of the sea, and the scuba diver. Combinations and matches of these will pay out big.

As I’m sure it is easy to figure out, if the Captain lands on all five reels then the player gets the biggest payout at five thousand credits. In addition to that if the Captain shows his face at all on a pay line the player wins.

20,000 leagues offers no scatters, and no bonus round, however there are multipliers and free spins to gain. The coin value ranges from five cents to five dollars. This underwater adventure is fit for any twenty thousand league fan, as it is live with color and the sound effects are amazing, featuring the sounds of roaring under water sea creatures and other mysterious sounds to make this more of an underwater water adventure for any player. The dashboard is located at the bottom of the screen and is very easy to follow, with the play table, auto play option, the total bet, the win window, the lines, the bet and the spin all lit very bright and legible for the player. Buckle up and get ready to go under water and have your very own under sea exploration that could have you coming up with your very own under water treasure on board your personal submarine. The game is one of the most popular amongst the games that have under water themes and it is surely due to the popularity and the intrigue that the movie created.