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5 Reel Wheel of Chance SlotFive reels are now standard fare for most online video slots. In the past, three wheels were good enough, but they rarely paid worthwhile jackpots. Five wheels is better because the chances to win are multiplied and there are more symbols to win with.

The 5-Reel Wheel of Chance is attractive to anyone who loves playing online slots, and regularly tunes-in to the Wheel of Fortune. For trademark purposes, the name has changed, but the excitement of television’s most popular long-running game show is the inspiration behind this unique video slot. Five wheels turn fun symbols for matching wins, or certain wheels stop on bonus symbols to multiply bets.

The Highest Potential On This Five Wheel Slot

There are twenty lines of matching that result in player payouts in this game. Most line-ups will result in a one penny, to ten dollar win. The most significant line-up is a bonus “Scatter” symbol on reels two and four. When this bonus happens, it doesn’t matter if any other pay line is activated with matching diamond, vowel, pile o’ money, suitcase or other symbols; free spins are awarded. The free spins multiply winnings in amounts up to 500 times the winning amount. This particular line-up occurs often, and can completely turn around the nature of the game. Although the established max jackpot for this game is 8000 coins, a cascade of bonus spins can result in much more significant winnings.

It’s Just Like The Wheel Of Fortune

The Wheel Of Fortune has been a favorite televised game show for decades because of one awesome factor. In a heartbeat, with one dynamic spin, or puzzle solve, any player can eclipse their competition and make it to the bonus round. With the 5 Reel Wheel Of Chance, any online player can suddenly spin a bonus, or a pay line match that changes the entire nature of their game.

Since betting values can be established from one penny to a ten dollar bill, the fortune of each player can change with one fortunate spin. Of course, the danger of a “bust” is always present. The classic Wheel of Fortune game entices players to continue spinning for larger dollar amounts and chances to guess a prize puzzle. Just like the television game show, 5 Reel Wheel Of Chance has its betting dangers. With every bonus, a section of the player board is filled-in. As gaming progress continues, the stakes become more valuable, but the prizes become more expansive. The 5 Reel Wheel Of Chance is perfect for online gaming players who have a strong feeling that their chances of winning are better than ever.

An Extremely Inviting Player Experience

Many sophisticated online slots have confusing pay lines that interfere with learning each game. 5 Reel Wheel Of Chance pay lines are highlighted on the right and left margins of the player board, and become illuminated with each win. The combination of symbols and five wheels make it easy to understand how certain jackpots are awarded. It is also exciting to see bonus symbols unfolding on the right wheels to allow spins for accelerated winnings.

Before real play on the 5 Reel Wheel Of Chance Commences, the company powering this fun online slot game will give players a chance to try out their luck on non-real money slots with the same theme. This is an unusual gratuity provided by Lincoln Casinos which helps players adjust to the pace and feel of games like 5 Reel Wheel Of Chance. It’s the little details like these that contribute to a fun and positive gaming experience. It is incredible to experience this slot choice with no risk of loss, and plenty of opportunity to get used to the pace of the five spinning reels. Once total familiarity with the game and its bonus screens are made, real money play begins! The provision of practice rounds and no-risk play is an extraordinary feature of the casino broadcasting the 5 Reel Wheel Of Chance to its patrons.

Of Course, It’s About The Money

The 5 Reel Wheel Of Chance is governed by the rules of money transfer set-up by Lincoln Casino. They are fair and easy even for international play. Most of the banking options for these games require a small minimum like $10, and a generous maximum up to $3,000. Problems with transfers and immediate gaming payouts are extremely rare. If any problems happen, there is a 24 hour real human patron service email and phone number to use. Games like the 5 Reel Wheel Of Chance are constructed for long and enjoyable periods of use, so contacting the casino helpline with questions is completely the exception. The 5 Reel Wheel Of Chance is exactly what the veteran online slot enthusiast is looking for!