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A Night in Paris Slot – Betsoft
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A Night in Paris SlotWhen it comes to finding an awesome casino slot game, there are a wide number of options available online. There is a great number of casino slot games available that feature different themes and bonuses. A Night in Paris Slot is a great online slot game that will allow a player to enjoy the best in online gaming. This game combines some of the best in slot gaming graphics along with plenty of bonuses. For those that are looking to play this game, it is important that first time players understand the basics of this game.

A Night in Paris Slot has a total of five playable reels. The theme of this game is a French bandit and cop scenario. The game play and theme is incredibly vibrant and beautiful to the eye. Many of the items in this slot machine game are based off of French based items and themes. The theme of the slot game surrounds a thief named Jacques who is tempted to steal from an French art gallery. However, there is a buffed out security guard named Jerome and a guard dog named Pierre. The main character, Jerome stands to the side of the reels and does some different poses.

Play A Night in Paris

A player can bet anywhere between two cents to seventy five dollars. A player can use between one line to thirty different lines. Many of the symbols in this game include: kissing couples, the thief and the Guard dog. Once a prize is won, the items will become animated in ways that make the game much more life like.

This game allows a player to make a maximum cash amount of three thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars. This allows a player to make a awesome amount of money, while playing a online slot machine game. Since the game allows the user to bet a minimal of one cent per line, this allows new players to get a feel for the game play. This can also help ensure that the player is able to practice without taking much of a loss.

In the Night in Paris Slot game there are three interactive features that add to the overall game play of this slot machine. One of the three interactive features is the free spins feature. The free spins feature is activated once three or more badges begin to come in. The free spins feature plays as the thief is chased down by the Night guard.

The second feature is the multiplier feature when the proper combination of shield, security guard and thief are combined together. This feature will allow the player to multiply their winnings by a certain multiplier. This bonus multiplier will be added together to with the total amount.

The third feature is named” Caught in the Museum”. This feature is activated when three paintings are revealed on the slot machine. This feature activates an animated story line that requires that a player uses its wits and intellect to find the thief. Once the user has captured the thief then the player will be awarded with a big bonus prize. This bonus prize will be added to your total winnings that will offer you even more money. The graphics of the “Caught in the Museum” game play is very vivid and makes the game more entertaining.

Some of the most important details of the game to remember is that the game offers a free spins available. With these free spins available a user can increase their opportunity to win on each spin. The game is incredible in its ease of play that makes it very effective for making the most money. Many new users will enjoy these free spins available as these free spins offer them more opportunities to practice and get more familiar with the game play.

Another important feature of the game is that there are some scatter symbols that will lead to more coins to win. These winnings can stack up incredibly fast and a player can make a fair share of money in a quick amount of time. The betting range between two cents and seventy five dollars, on thirty different lines. With more than three thousand dollars available in winnings a person can make money and have fun doing it. This game offers some of the best in visual animation that is sure to attract the eyes of both novice players as well as professional game players. This game offers a number of features and bonus rounds that will allow a player to win big.