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A Switch In Time Slot – Rival
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A Switch In TimeA Switch In Time is a game that allows you to time travel as you are playing your favorite slot game. You may enjoy gambling in the casino, but that does not mean that the art of time traveling is lost on you. You would love to travel through time and get to see how some of the most amazing historical events actually happened. Now, you can travel through time and get to see those events while you are playing a slot machine that is going to allow you to win some money.

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Getting Started

When you get started, you can bet anywhere from a penny to a quarter on each line. When you are betting more, you will be able to win more in this game easily. You should remember that the game allows you to bet on as many paylines as you want, and you can pick and choose the paylines that you think are going to give you the best chance to win.

Once you get started spinning, you need to wait to see how to paylines will turn out once you are done spinning. Most people who play this game are going to take a look at the reels that offer the most chance of winning, and they will concentrate their betting there. Also, there are times when the person who is betting on these paylines is going to find that they can win if they keep their money in a certain place. Once you notice these patterns, you can make simple changes to your betting scheme.

The Bonuses

You can get the hourglass wild, the lady symbols or the time machine symbol. The time machine symbol allows you to get an extra round where you can win even more than you already did in the first round. The hourglass wild will simply increase the multiplier on all your winnings. If you have planned properly, you will be able to get these wilds on the paylines where they appear the most. Betting on those paylines just makes the reward that much greater.

If you can combine any of the lady symbols, you will be able to get the symbols on lines where you have already bet your money. You are going to increase your winnings even more, and you will notice that it is very easy to see where these symbols will come up over time.

The Bonus Rounds

You can get to the past and future bonus round when you find the time machine symbol, but you need to remember that bonus round alone could take several spins if you keep getting free spins. All the winnings are multiplied, and you will be able to rack up some serious winnings before the round ends. Also, you could leave the round with many more free spins for the game itself. This is the perfect time to win a lot of money when you are playing the game.

When you get enough of the lady symbols in the beginning of the game, you could get a 9x multiplier that is so potent most people walk away with a lot of money when they hit it. The multiplier makes life easier for you when you are trying to win, but it also makes the game more exciting because it helps you keep the action going.

When you sit down to play A Switch In Time, you need remember that you are seeing historic events in the background while you are playing this fast paced game. You will win a great deal if you are betting on the right paylines, and you will win even more if you are willing to spend some time on strategy to get yourself to the bonus rounds. Looks out for the lady symbols, get the time machine and clean up in the bonus round to make this game the more time consuming of your life.