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Agent Cash SlotAgent Cash slots is a very popular and exciting game to play. If you are looking for excitement with all the bells and whistles, this is the game for you.

This internet online slot game pays cash that is immediately put into your account. You can play a variety of ways. You can play cash jackpot, cash wild, cash bonus scatter and cash bonus round.

Five reels and 30 paylines is what I liked the most about Agent Cash slots. This game also gives you a choice with your bets whether it be a penny per line or the maximum of ten dollars. I think this game is better than some of the other online slot games because it has a 10,000 coin jackpot. When you do the math that would equal 100,000 dollars. You can play for hours and still stay engaged in the game. This game has animation qualities that keep you tuned in with colorful displays and characters. You will find characters like the Aston Martin and the blond bond girls. From spies to rockets this game will certainly keep you entertained and wanting to play more. The music alone will keep you on your toes while playing along with all the agents in their tailored attire. This spy game is one that I would highly recommend.

Agent Cash using it’s Vegas technology and will make you feel if you were sitting in a Vegas casino but having the luxury of playing in the comfort of your home. A great feature of this game is the characters can give you free spins or free cash according to how they fall on the reel. This is not your typical pull the handle and hope three cherries fall into place. You will find yourself engulfed in different ways to win your money.

I like action and adventure so when I first started playing Agent Cash I was a little confused and really lousy at the game. I will admit it did not take me long to get the hang of it and I ended up playing for hours. My reward was actually winning some money.

I really liked the Pick or Die feature. You will find yourself at a card table with this feature and you will get 30 cards. Each card is different and each card has a cash amount on it. There will also be a Stopper card. This feature reminds me of the old card game 21. You have to flip as many cards as you can before getting the Stopper card.

I found Agent Cash has such a variety with it’s features allowing you to win money is awesome. This is one game you will not get bored with. You can enjoy lots of fun and win money while doing it.

When you are looking for a relaxing afternoon at home on your computer look up Agent Cash. If you are unsure of the game rules do a little research on the internet to help you get started. If you don’t get the hang of it right away don’t get discourage. It will not take you but a few tries. Once you do learn how to play and you start placing your wagers you will begin to see how much fun this online slot game is. You will find yourself making money in no time. Agent cash online slot game gives you options and variety that makes this game interesting and fun. The free spins, bonus squares and free cash will keep you playing for hours. You will find yourself in the middle of gold guns, sexy women and exploding bombs. You will surely feel like you are a spy yourself.

I found myself liking this game so much that the money I won was just a bonus. If you like action, casino games and the feel of Vegas, Agent Cash is the online slot game for you. Try it yourself and you will see what a great way to spend some time online winning money and having fun.

Dr. Smiley-Face-Eye-Patch and Aston Martin will become your new best friends in the Agent Cash Slot online game. They can help you get your winnings started and you will find yourself coming back for more. Agent Cash slots is a great online slot game. It offers all the action and animated features with music to supply you with action packed fun. You will find the variety of ways to win money and the options to change up during the game will give you a satisfied pleasure when playing online slot games