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Alien Invasion SlotTo avid lovers of online slots, it’s a fact that you would like to meet the best platform that is dedicated to offer you games that come with a unique taste. Though there are many different games available to play, not every creation may impress you. However, according to most lovers of slot games, the Alien Invasion Slot has proved among the best in this arena despite the fact that it is not designed to offer you bonuses and free spins. It’s a new challenge that every experienced player should consider because it offers you some room to improve on your skills considering you have to put more effort to embrace victory. Well, before thinking about searching to play the game, it is vital to equip yourself with information that tells you what to expect from it.

About game

Alien Invasion Slot is made up of one payline and three reels and as the name suggests, it is created to offer an environment that allows you to visualize what an alien is. The game is non progressive but will always keep you glued to your PC because the entertainment you can derive from it is more intense than what most online slots can offer. You’re going to meet aliens such as the Tentacle alien, insect alien and so on. Some of the symbols evident in the game are a raygun, spaceship the galaxy and planet. With this game, you are assured of a total of eight winning combinations. The struggle involved will always motivate you to keep playing the game even after failure to attain your target. It is a game worth your time despite the simplicity that it is created with.


The laser gun is a wild symbol that triggers a double payout upon completion of three symbol winning combinations. However, you have to accept the fact that there are no free spins or bonus games as is the case in most online slot games. This is not to mean the game cannot be ranked among the best. It is an advantage to the player because you are exposed to an environment that helps you to grow your skills.


Alien Invasion Slot is made with a lot of tact to ensure effectiveness and ease. All the various buttons that are meant to offer you access to different commands are placed strategically to save time while progressing from one step to the other. Also important to note is the fact that the colors used in the interface relates directly with the game and are ideal for someone using the computer many hours a day. There is no need to strain your eyes because everything is set with that consideration in mind. Moreover, you can note the perfect selection of sounds that are used in Alien Invasion Slot. There is no point while playing that muting the system will come as a viable option to you because the sounds used are cool and match directly with what the game entails.

New players will have an easy time playing this game considering the fact that there are no complicated procedures while playing the game. All one needs is to get basic information that can help them to access various commands. Experienced players will also have something to smile about because Alien Invasion Slot offers a new challenge that is aimed at honing their skills.

Free games

One thing that most players find disgusting is realizing that a certain game does not offer room for free play. This is to mean that for a slot game to be well accepted there is need to run it in two modes: a mode where players can play for money and a mode that allows players to access the game without making any deposits. Alien Invasion Slot is made to ensure every type of player can get a chance to enjoy. Even if you are new to the software, it is easy to learn within a short time period.

Well experienced players who may feel confident enough to risk will always go for the mode that allows them to place bets. This may not be the case with novice players. They will opt for the free mode purposely to gain some experience that can usher them to the world of slots where they will be skilled and eligible for betting. Therefore, with Alien Invasion Slot, you have all the freedom to embrace what works with you. There is no difference between the two modes. Everything is similar in both modes of the game.


Despite lack of many bonus features as expected by most players, Alien Invasion Slot is an amazing game that exposes you to a challenging environment that will leave you exhilarated and more experienced in online slot games. Generally, it is a good game to not only novice players but also well experienced people.