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All Action Slots

In the decades since Las Vegas was first established as America’s only legal, casino gambling mecca, a large number of states have legalized casino gaming and have tried to take away Nevada’s stranglehold on action-packed nights at slot machines and poker tables. That has been only moderately successful, however, since Las Vegas is known to be more action-packed, more fun, and full of great things to do once gamers leave the casino floor. The All Action Las Vegas slot machine application for iOS devices is designed to replicate the Las Vegas slots experience better than perhaps any casino outside the city. With competitive plying and all kinds of fun slots, the app is certainly one of the top choices for seasoned slot machine professionals.

A Slick User Interface that Makes it Easy to Play

All too often, slot machine applications found on the App Store come with a confusing interface that might turn off some of those who aren’t used to exploring their iPhone’s features. The All Action Las Vegas app, however, is not one of these. The application is thoughtfully designed, and users are presented immediately with their slot machine options upon opening it. No confusing buttons are anywhere to be found in the application. Instead, users are greeted by their slot choices, a bonus timer, and their coin balance. That’s a minimalist approach that even Apple itself would be proud of.

Free Coins to Begin, and Bonus Coins Awarded After Every Hour

Slot machine applications try to differentiate themselves based on how many coins they initially give to players, and how many opportunities players have to rebuild their balance if the slot machine isn’t “hot” during their period of play. The All Action Las Vegas slot machine app does not encourage or even permit its users to buy coins, however, which might come as a sigh of relief to those worried about an accidental coin purchase and unexpected charges on a debit or credit card.

All new players receive a starting coin balance of 5,000 coins. After one hour of slot machine play, the application automatically awards a bonus to the user’s bank account so that they can make up for any potential losses. Of course, the app is prone to padding that bank account naturally with plenty of opportunities to mix lines, symbols, and maximum bets on each slot.

Ample Opportunities to Turn Slot Pulls into Big Wins

The All Action Las Vegas app comes with two slots unlocked by default, which include a standard Vegas 7s slot machine and a poker-themed Hearts Slot. These two slots provide plenty of action and fun for players initially, but they’re soon joined by as man as six other slot machines as the player advances through the ranks. That’s done by simply playing more times and utilizing the maximum bet feature. After a certain number of max-bet pulls, the game moves the player to the next level and opens up both a new machine and a new maximum bet.

Initially, the app permits users to play up to 25 lines with a maximum bet of 10 coins per line. That equates to a 250-coin bet, which can go pretty fast with a starting balance of 5,000 coins. The good news is that All Action Las Vegas combines its hourly loyalty bonus with in-game wild symbols, engaging bonus games, and a wide range of opportunities to win back a significant amount of every bet placed. With a higher payout rate and action-packed bonus opportunities, this really is a slot machine that understands why Las Vegas has so much magic on the Strip.

Play with Game Stream and Facebook for More Action

One of the reasons the All Action slots game feels a bit more like the authentic Vegas experience is that no one actually plays alone. The game shuns Apple’s Game Center application but comes with Game Stream built-in. Without being connected to Facebook, Game Stream will match slots players to random users around the world as they place their bets. They’ll see when their matched users score big jackpots or pull ahead of them in terms of total coins. They get the social effect and the competitive implications right away, making this a fast-paced competition to see who can win the biggest or the fastest.

Random users aren’t the only way for players to connect, however. When connected to Facebook, Game Stream will prioritize a user’s Facebook friends who have the same app installed. This allows the competition to be even more personal, and major achievements can be shared via Facebook posts instantly after a big win.

A Bold Effort to Recreate the Vegas Experience

All Action slots pairs authentic Vegas slot machines with the action-packed nature of competing socially for big bonuses and high coin totals. With cross-device compatibility for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, this is a slots experience that shouldn’t be missed by Vegas’ most devoted gamers.