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As The Reels Turn 2Let me start by saying I love this game. There is no music but the sound of a casino floor with a million conversations going on. You can hear when someone wins with bells going off or a man shouts. As you play you actually feel like you are on a casino floor. The set-up is phenomenal with the game appearing to be made for the plot. You start off from the beginning with the story about the casino El Paradiso and the names and roles of each character.

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The casino manager is Matt G and his best friend is named Ivan, his pet piranha. Then the bad guy is a mobster named The Don. He is very short and has 2 henchmen. There’s the casino performer who is in trouble with the bad guy. There are some other players like the casino owner Terry, Danny and Jamie and Rex the casino floor manager. There is another character at the beginning named Chrissy but you never see her in the game. There are plots under plots which make this game great because as you play you are drawn into these plots.

I check out the pay table to see what pays the most and it’s 5 jackpots for 1000 credits. No other big payouts are listed. Although, there are a ton of scatter bonuses and this game had a ton of bonus payouts. The next biggest payout was for 5 of the other characters – Jaime, Rex and Vanessa. The other icons are a letter, lobster dinner and wine bottle and glass which only paid 100 credits for 5.

The pictures of the characters were cool with bright colors. The pictures were not anime or 3D but there was animation for the character during the game. Rex the casino floor manager had the best one because he does the thumb to the nose move which is cool. Vanessa is the next character whose animation is cool. She slings 2 sticks from her hair and it goes from a bun to hanging down her back. But I do have to also mention the animation for Danny when he blows a bubble with pink bubble gum it explodes in his face. That was funny the first time I saw it. You don’t see the casino manager on the reels but when you get the bonus to find the fake chip he shows up.

I won the 20 bonus spins with my first spin. I like games that start of hot like this one did. Then I won another bonus within my 20 bonus spins called Where’s Danny. This guy is looking for Danny and I don’t know why but you get bonus coins if you help the guy spot Danny. There is a drawback though you can’t pick Jamie or the round is over. I love this bonus round because it opens to the casino and people hanging out and you click on different items to get Danny’s face. I won 3150 credits. The total for the 20 bonus spins was 5610 credits. That was a nice payout at the beginning of the game. Then I got 3 bonus chips and another bonus round. I had to help the casino manager look for fake chips. I won another 1425 credits. Then I got another bonus and 450 credits. Then I got another Where’s Danny bonus round and won 975 credits.

I love games that keep you winning and playing because the time flies and this is one of those games. The only thing missing was my drink. I got bonus round after bonus round and had to make myself take a break. It was hard for me to stop playing because I was always winning or playing bonus rounds. I will be playing this winning game on a regular. I want to see how much money I can win. This game was a winner from the start.