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As The Reels Turn 3Do you get a giggle out of drama from those old soap operas? Why not get that same giggly feeling playing a neat 5 real slot game called “As the Reels Turn 3.” The game features 5 reels across and 3 rows down the face of the screen.

Play Free As The Reels Turn 3 – 15 Paylines

This quirky game gives you a cute lead in with the characters of the game. One of the funniest in this game has to be “Ivan”. Ivan is actually a toothy fish.

As you begin to play the game, you get an introduction on the characters to start and what the focus of the game is.

With any slot game, you then place your bet and hope for some wins. When you do match up some of the pictures, the pictures animate. For one of the wins, the character known as “Danny” blows a bubble and it pops covering is face in bubble gum. Another character named “Vanessa” flips her hair from bun to over her shoulder. This adds a little quirkiness to the game. Unlike many that give you the different characters in the game play, but alas, they are after all just pictures. There are two characters that don’t seem to animate in the game. That of “The Don” and “Mrs. Livingston”.

After you have gotten 3 boxes or more that say “Scene Advancement.” You get a bonus round.The “Bet Button” actually changes to a “Bonus” button. When you click on the “bonus” button, it sends you to another screen for an activity. For this advanced challenged you are asked to dress the character Danny for his big date with Jamie. This is called the “Dress Danny Round.”

If you get 3 “Ivan’s” on your screen, you get 10 free spins. You can actually win on free spins too. There is another character that pops up that also gives you free spins. It is actually a cat called “Pamper.”

Many that recommend this game for playing, also recommend the original two games of “As The Reels Turn.” This is so that you can follow the story line and follow along at what happens in “previous” episodes to the characters in the games. So if you like the “soap opera” scene, then this game is definitely for you. In some aspects it gives the feel of an old 80s show. “Dallas” or even “Falcon’s Crest”. For the younger players, you are sure to compare it to one of the newer night time drama shows.

You can increase your betting amount by .05. So, if you choose to go up a little at a time, don’t hesitate, with this game, you can. Which makes it nice. With most, the increase is .10 or more. As you increase in your bets, you will get bigger bonuses when you win. For example; if you bet .50 you may win up to $75.00. This is actually a great win for that .50 that you bet. Mind you when you bet you are betting on all 5 reels.

So take some time out from your busy life, take a break and play a really fun game of slots. You are sure to want to continue playing as the plot begins to thicken in this game of life, love, and intrigue. You will get caught up in all the fun of this game. So give it a spin. You won’t be disappointed!

If you are interested in playing this quirky game, try it for free. The great thing about trying it out, you don’t have to download the game to play it. So it takes up less space in your overall virtual memory on your computer. This is a nice little feature. Especially if you are unsure and not play to often.