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At the Copa Slot – Betsoft
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At the Copa SlotThis slot machine game has a theme that comes from the famous song “Copacabana”. The story line is of a beautiful woman salsa dancer named Carolina who is dancing in the “Copa” night club when she is spotted by the two best male dancers-Pedro and Rico, on the dance floor. They soon compete for her attention and affection as well as for her to be their dance partner.

There is an array of Latin music that plays during this game that will put you in the mood for the salsa dance and the language of love while you are winning money and enjoying yourself.

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The face of the game is of a hut built from cane poles tied together with grass and brush for the roof. There are bright colored lights hung all around and beach lights on the front of the building to light the entryway. The top of the game has an options button on the top left for you to decide how you want the game to be, things like on or off for the music, special effects, etc. Across the top it says, Suave Jackpot, Mediano Jackpot, and Caliente Jackpot. These come into play later in the game. The name of the game is the center of the screen.

On the bottom are the controls for you to play the game with. You have balance and credit readouts, then you have buttons to choose how much “coin” you want to spend, and how many pay lines you want to play. You can choose from two to thirty lines, how much you want to bet per line, and then the total of your bets. You then have the spin button, max bet button, double up button, and the auto play button.

This is a 3-D (three dimensional) Latin flavored game which makes it even more cool and fun to play. The icons used in this game are the maracas, a cocktail drink, a picture of Carolina, Pedro, Rico, a trumpet in a case, bongos, flamingos, a jalapeno, a view of the water and the moon, and a woman’s black heel shoe.

There are five rows (reels) to spin and up to thirty lines you can win from. As you are playing, there is a woman (Carolina) salsa dancing down in the left corner who claps and salsas when you win. There is a multiplier in this game that can help you win up to ten times what you would have won. Once you win, you can click the “double up” button to start winning double whatever your winnings are. The “wild” icon is the moon over the ocean icon. There is a minimum of five coins you are required to play on each line and the amounts you can bet go from one cent to one dollar.

There a four different ways that you can get a bonus round in this game. One is spinning and the wild icon coming up. If it comes up and lands on the third row of icons, then that starts the first round of bonuses. Then the ocean view with the moon icon will be on that row of icons, and then the other rows will spin again. If you win on the second spin, then you do it again. You will then qualify to win two times the winnings on the second time you spin. You continue to do this as the multiplier increases by one until it reaches five or you are no longer winning.

The next way you can win a bonus round is if you spin and you get more than two of the “ladies’ black heel” pictures. If this happens, you then win ten free spins. To start your bonus spins, you have to pick either Rico or Pedro to “dance with” and that icon then becomes the wild icon. Each time you spin a bonus spin, the slot machines pick a multiplier between two and ten times to multiply each of the winning amounts.

The third bonus happens when you spin and Caroline “the lady dancing” comes up and is on either the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd row (reel) and there are both of the two men dancers come up on either side of hers. You then have to pick one of the men dancers who will “pursue” Carolina.

There are three jackpot counters on top of the game and they are marked Suave, Mediane, and Caliente. There are several ways that you can get these jackpots. If you get 5 icons of chili on any place on the board, you can win the littlest Suave jackpot award. If you spin and the 5 chili icons come up on the 2nd and 3rd rows of lines that pay, then you win the Mediane jackpot. If all 5 chili icons show up on the first line that pays, then you can win the Caliente jackpot, which is the biggest jackpot in the game.