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At the Movies Slot – Betsoft
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At the Movies SlotFinding the right slot machine themed after any type of entertainment medium can be a tricky affair. At the Movies is a slot machine that puts the power of the cinema front and center for the enjoyment of the player. The game offers up a nice take on the movies for a game of chance, and the clever design allows for players to take a profitable trip to the movies without ever leaving the house.

At the Movies is a five reel slot machine with twenty-five paylines; however, playing all the lines grants players the benefit of having five additional lines in play for a total of thirty. All things considered, the extra lines are a nice feature and any additional paylines help reap the rewards of bigger wins. Fast action and massive amounts of possible winning lines helps keep the play moving along.

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The Good

At the Movies features a number of well-designed symbols relating to the cinema. Popcorn, actors, and movie cameras are all displayed in nice neat icons, and the sound accompanying the game goes well with the action in the play area. The machine makes great use of the subject manner by appearing like a trip to the drive-in movies of old. The clever use of nostalgia is something the lets the game appeal to players of all ages.

Wild symbols are always a nice touch on slot machines, and the lucky icons are present on this one as well. They appear often enough to keep things interesting as the quest for the five symbol match can prove to be something of a chore. The bonus tile and scatter icon is a movie camera projector, which only makes sense, and when three or more are displayed the free spin feature is awarded. The number of scatters determines the number of free spins. Since wins are doubled in the free spin round, hits can multiply quickly.

Basically, the game offers several nice touches and the attention to detail is pretty amazing. The layout of information is simple, and the play area is pretty well visible to players. At the Movies strives to entertain by offering up a lot of different paylines with the added bonus of free spins, and while it largely succeeds there are a few knocks that hurt the replay value.

The Bad

Bonus rounds and bonus games are one of the hidden treasures of any slot machine, and since At the Movies lacks any type of major progressive jackpot, touch to win feature, or extra money earning task, the experience can come off a bit disappointing. Free spins are nice, but another level of play would have really pulled everything together in a better way. The doubled wins offer up some nice jackpots, but a big hit or additional animation sequence is simply not available to players.

The player interface looks really nice an interesting with the drive-in concept. However, the information important to players is included in other types of designs and can be difficult to read right away. The different locations, inside a popcorn bucket for example, produces a charming yet cluttered type of display, and this takes away from the overall impression of the game.

The symbols themselves are interesting and can really make an impression, but the actual At the Movies concept is a bit on the questionable side. Masks are used as the wild symbols, and while tied to the entertainment industry, they seem to relate better to the live theater instead of an outside motion picture. Movies are a popular entertainment option, and it seems like there were better options to select from.

The Verdict

While entertaining for a period of time, the lack of extras really takes away from At the Movies as a slot machine. Fun to play and interesting to examine the machine offers a great beginners type of experience. Machines today have to contain some sort of next level entertainment value to really up the ante, and free spins alone, even ones with multiplied winnings, do not necessarily provide that added perceived value aspect of modern games.

In short, this one is a nice distraction or change of pace for any slot machine or movie fan, but the replay factor is dialed down greatly by what the game just does not provide to players. At the Movies has a number of things working for it; however, all those clever sound effects and expert designs do not necessarily translate into hours of great slot play.