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Aztec Treasures Slot – Betsoft
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Aztec Treasures SlotAztec Treasures is one of the most eye catching slot games on the internet, it is full of bright colors, fascinating characters, jungle rhythms,and realistic wild life on the reels. The game is surrounded by blue sky, clouds, and lush greenery. Just as the Aztecs history is mysterious and filled with amazing stories of how they may have lived lavishly in the Mexican landscape with riches and treasures and suddenly disappearing without a trace, yo too could end up with riches and fortune and fade back into your everyday life.
This slot game offers the player non stop excitement with 20 lines,that grow every time the game is played,this is a progressive game and it has 5 reels. As the jackpot continues to grow there are more and more chances to win with free spins, multipliers, scattered and wild symbols. The player chooses the bet range coin value, which is from .01 up to $5.00. With such a wide range of betting options the novelist and the avid player can try their hand and enjoy this slot online game.

Play Aztec Treasures

The symbols are as follows:

The Aztec King – Of course the Aztec King is the wild reel in this slot game. The King can link up to any other symbol to form a winning combination, the only exception to this rule is the scatter symbol, yet he can only appear on three of the five reels. The reels the King appears on are 2, 3, and 4.

The Idol Statue is the scatter symbol. This symbol can appear any where and what ever the amount the player has bet will be multiplied by that amount. One scatter brings the player on e free spin, with two scatter symbols there are two free spins, and with three there are five additional games given to the player, with four the player gets fifteen, and with five the player gets a whooping twenty five spins. all free spins are tripled in value. There are twenty pay lines with a maximum of 150 coins and a max payout of $5000.00 This game does have the option for auto plat. If a player chooses this feature the player can set all options to spin continuously and stop it whenever they choose to.
The Aztec Queen – Dressed in a two piece and wearing a traditional necklace.
The Aztec Princess – Wears a grass skirt and halter top, with traditional jewelry.
The Masks with feathers and bright colors, The Jaguar, one of the most fierce cats and it was revered by the Aztecs. The iguana, a small animal that lives int eh jungle and has been around for thousands of years. There are also huts, that resemble the way in which the Aztecs lived in the jungle.
The Step Pyramid, one of the greatest architecturally magnificent historic monuments on the planet. It is believed that on the top of the pyramid is where human sacrifices were made during the time of the Aztecs.
There are four bonus games, one of which is the love hut bonus. If the player finds their way to the love hut, it is up to them to choose the gift that they think the Aztec females would enjoy most and then the players prize is revealed.
Then there is the collecting of the gems inside the gold rings, this is done by the King, who walks out and throws his spear at the gems until all three of the colored gems have been collected, then the Secret Room bonus feature is activated. Revealing great rewards once the gem is placed on the door of the players choice. The third bonus is when the payer is asked to click one of the three calender symbols to reveal the prize hiding behind it. The fourth bonus game is revealed when the king appears with both native woman on each side of him. The King then kisses them to reveal prizes that the player wins instantly.
As well as Rubies, emeralds, coins, and gold pots.

The game is accompanied by the sounds of the jungle including the sounds of exotic birds chirping. Aztec Treasures is a 3d online slot game which makes for more excitement for the players. The game is more like an interactive game as the animations are made to interact with the player as they spin the wheel and go through the motions of playing.