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Baby Boomers Cash CruiseIf you are looking for a slot machine that looks much like a board game, you should try Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise to see what you can get out of the game. You will be able to play a game that has a unique story, and you will be able to play a game that allows you to get inside the heads of baby boomers all over the world.

Play Free Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise – 15 Paylines

The Travel Agency

The Travel Agency is the first game in the series. This slot machine is unique in that you go through different phases of the game at random after you have booked your tickets. You want to think of the travel agency as the place where you are able to plan your trip through the game, and you can get started just as soon as you are done at the travel agency.

You will find out if you are going on an Alaskan Adventure, to the Caribbean or the Greece on your next trip, and the travel agency gives you a chance to win tokens and free spins for each of these adventures. You have no control over which trip you take, and you have no idea which one it will be from play to play. You simply have to sit down and see what the game can do for you when you are ready to play.

The Betting

You can bet one to ten cents on each payline, and you can change your bets as often as you want during the game. Each phase of the game gives you a certain number of spins, but you will be able to win even more spins as you play. You simply need to make sure that you are keeping track of how many spins you have left.

The Cruise Ship

The cruise ship is the one symbol in the game that can scatter everything. The cruise ship can easily turn a really bad spin into a really good spin. Just one cruise ship will change the outcome of the game for you when you are spinning. If you are able to get three or more of these cruise ships in just one spin, you are going to be taken to a bonus round that is like a trip around the world. You simply need to make sure that you have looked over the board carefully so that you know when these symbols are going to appear.

The Destination Bonus

The destination bonus round is where you get to decide if you are going to take your trip to the Caribbean, Greece or Alaska. When you get to these bonus rounds, you will be able to get the trip of a lifetime while you are also winning at a massive clip. You simply need to be on the lookout because any of these games could come up at any time.

Each phase of the trip has its own wild symbols and reels. You will be able to hit a killer whale on your Alaskan Adventure, but you might notice that you have hit the shuffleboard symbol on your trip to the Caribbean. You want to keep your eyes open for each of these symbols, and you want to be sure that you notice where they come up. Betting on the right paylines could take you in and out of the travel agency so often that the game will never end. The combination of bonus rounds and free spins will make it much easier for you to win at the game and never stop playing.

When you spin for the first time in this game, you are going to be taken on an adventure that allows you to sail around the world in style during your retirement.