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Bangkok Nights SlotThe world of online slots continues to grow as more and more people are moving their gambling habits online. Bangkok Nights is a new addition to the world of only slot players. This is an interesting new game that makes an attempt to entertain those looking for something new from their slot game.
This video slot game comes from Vegas Technology. This company has produced numerous slot games through the years and this game is a wonderful addition to their library of games. They have consistently put out an interesting product and this game certainly is interesting.
The game is built around a clean night in the famous city of Bangkok. The game features symbols like mardi gras girls and other excellent symbols from Bangkok. The game makes an excellent attempt at trying to capture the spirit of Bangkok.

The graphics in this game are extremely well done, the average slot player will not feel like they are playing something that is outdated. The audio is also done extremely well and the sounds of Bangkok will permeate through your speakers giving you the feel of the atmosphere of the city, while you play your game.
The game is set up along the traditional five reel twenty-five line set up. This setup will be extremely familiar to those that have played slots in the past. Prizes are typically won by matching up symbols along one of the five different line. The game will also be extremely easy to pick up if you are just starting to get into slots.

The game features a betting limit that is really high. You bet as little as a penny a line or as much as ten dollars a line. Because there are five different lines and you are allowed to bet on each line you can bet anywhere from five cents to fifty dollars on each spin. This means that whether you are a low roller or someone looking to gamble large amounts of money, you will be able to bet an amount that will make you happy.

One great part about this game is the ability to win free spins. This can keep your games going indefinitely and it is quite a delight when you win a free spin. You win free spins in this game by getting scatter symbols. The scatter symbol in this game is the “Bangkok Nights” symbol. If you get three scatters in a single play, then you will be awarded twelve free spins. This is an impressive amount of free spins. One great part of this game is the fact that you can earn even more free spins during your free spins. This is an extremely important feature because it means that you may be able to play infinitely on a single spin.

Many slot games out today include bonuses. The game also includes some bonuses. When you activate the bonus in the game, you have a great chance of winning. This bonus is called “Pick & Win”. The feature is triggered when you see the mardi gras girl appear on both reel one and reel five in one spin. You then have to pick one of the girls in order to reveal a prize. After seeing that prize you will have the chance to keep the prize or pick a different prize. The prizes revealed this way can be as much as 100 times your initial bet. This is a significant bet. Some players are reporting that bonuses are rarely if ever revealed.

Playing this game can be a little bit frustrating. While there are many different ways to earn a payout in the game payouts seem to be rather rare. The exact odds of winning a particular prize are not yet known, many players are reporting that the game really puts out a prize. If you are looking for a game with a great chance of winning, then you may want to play a different game. While Bangkok Nights is fun, it is definitely not a game with a particularly high chance of winning.
While Bangkok Nights does an interesting time of displaying the excitement of the city of Bangkok and there are some interesting bonuses available in the game, Bangkok Nights is not quite the best slot game around. The bonuses are rarely triggered and it is extremely hard to win a prize playing this game. While you probably will enjoy the features this game has to offer, you will often find yourselves frustrated by the slim chances of winning this game.