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Barbary Coast Slot – Betsoft
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Barbary Coast SlotDo you play a lot of slots? If so, you’ll love Barbary Slots. If not, you might want to start somewhere else and come back.

All together, this is a pretty great version of online slots. My computer is pretty slow, and it still didn’t take very long to load. The theme is interesting and well thought out, and and the music is surprisingly good. The game itself is easy enough to play. And there are fun extras that come along with it as well. As for the odds, the creators obviously understand that no game that is too easy to win is very much fun to play, but this one definitely keeps you interested.

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This particular slots game is based on a pirates theme. Each of the squares has something to do with pirates, such as a treasure map, a chest of gold, or an actual pirate. Each of the game play buttons are pirate themed as well, such as barrels and a cannon. I found myself hoping the cannon would go off when I clicked on it. Even the music kind of reminds me of pirates. It gets kind of repetitive, but it kind of makes me feel like I’m in a pirate movie. It’s not so intense as to stress me out, but it definitely keeps me interested.

The mechanics of the game are relatively simple for anyone who has experience in the world of online slots. All of the buttons are laid out about where they would normally be found. The game runs pretty much like any other slots game. But there are a couple little extras that you won’t find anywhere else, like pirate themed bonus rounds. There’s one square that you get to click on and watch a pirate swing by on a vine as you get points. It’s kind of fun to watch.

One question that any slots player is likely to ask concerns the odds of winning. You definitely want to be able win a game of slots. If you loose all the time, then where is the fun in playing. However, if you win every time, it’s just as boring. The odds on this game seem just right. You definitely won’t win every time, but winning lines come along plenty often enough to keep you interested. And every few spins, you’ll get some kind of bonus you weren’t expecting! So that’s enough to keep you playing for a while.

This is a pretty great slots game, but every one has its downfalls, and this is no exception. Although this game is great for experienced players, it might be a lot harder for those new to online slots to pick up. The video intro at the beginning is fun to watch, but not very educational as far as the basics of online slots. The game itself is about as helpful. You can kind of click around and figure some things out, but there’s no tutorial that explains everything you need to know to be able to play. For the average new player, this game will be fun to mess with for a few minutes, but will quickly become boring.

The tutorial video at the beginning of the game continues the pirate theme, and helps the player understand the extra things in the game, like bonus rounds, and extra points that can be retrieved. However, for anyone who does not understand the basics of online slots, it is not very helpful.

The game is about the same. It can take a little effort to figure out what each button does, and how the math works. Then you’ll have to figure out how lines work. You’ll also have to find the “pays” chart, and figure out how to read it. Any player who is willing to commit time and energy will be able to learn the game for sure, but anyone who just stumbles on the game and plays for a few minutes is likely to be confused, and will probably leave before understanding the game in its entirety.

Barbary Coast Slots is a well thought out, and well designed game. It will be very enjoyable for any player who has a little experience with online slots, because it has good graphics and a solid theme, as well as fun and creative extras to play with. For a player new to the world of online slots, however, it may be a little more difficult to understand, and therefore, less enjoyable.