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Basketbull SlotYou read that right, it is the Basketbull Slot machine. This of course is a clever play on words and has both animal and basketball themes all rolled into one. Bulls, Rams, Bulldogs, and more are featured as special symbols in this game. They are included along with the classic 10-A symbols that are so common in many slot machine games. These animals are definitely the types of symbols that you want to line up if you are a player. They pay off the most by far in comparison to the other symbols that are available.

There is only one betting option available in this game. That is to say that players will only receive one option for betting when they play the game. They must choose the coin size that they would like to bet and then they just let it spin. There is literally nothing more that the gambler must decide. The decisions are kept pretty easy by this game because this is what some of the people have asked for. They just want to select the size of their bet and not worry so much about the number of lines to play or anything else like this.

There are ten different types of symbols in this game and the object of course is to match up like symbols from left to right. Doing this provides players with a winning combination. The lowest winning combination come from the various card symbols. As with most slot games, the real object is to try to match the themed based symbols in order to enjoy larger wins.

The big special feature in this slot machine is the free throw bonus game. This is a game that is triggered by hitting the proper triggering symbols. The game will automatically reward the player with 3 free spins but will also be awarded more in the bonus game potentially. The number of shots that the basketbull takes depends upon the number of scatter symbols that the player has hit. If they hit 5 of those scatter symbols, the basketbull can hit up to 5 of the free throws. Since each of those free throws doubles the amount of free spins that one is awarded, it is possible to get up to 96 free spins.

Keep in mind that it is very difficult to get to 96 free spins, but those who do are going to be granted a huge win on their game. It is something that is very exciting for the player as they wait to see if the basketbull will sink any or all of those free throw shots.

The theme of the game is such that it almost seems to appeal to those who do not play slots that often. It is really made out to be a very fun and child like kind of theme. It is certainly not something that is overly serious. However, there is nothing wrong with that. We are talking about gambling after all. It does not have to be serious for every moment of the day. There are times when taking a step back and just enjoying yourself can be a great way to enjoy some of the slot play as well. There is no need to get overly serious at all times. Instead, players would be better served to just enjoy this game for what it is. It is a silly take on the game of basketball, but that is the whole point.

The most that can be won on this game is 10,000 times the original bet. Since the maximum bet on a spin is $5, this means that a player can potentially win up to $50,000 on this game. It is a big amount of money that players are always striving to hit on this game. There is no question that this amount of money could change the lives of a lot of people. Perhaps this means that this game is worth a spin by the next person who wants to come in and give it a try. There is no doubt that playing the game can provide for a little excitement and give the player a few laughs along the way as well. Perhaps this is what makes it so popular with so many.