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Beach BumsBeach Bums is a scratch card game built on the Rival platform. This is a simple game that is fun and easy to play. Just like the old time scratch cards your dad picked up at the corner market scratch cards are about as simple as it gets.

Play Free Beach Bums- 2 Paylines

The Stats

This scratch card game can be played for as little as a penny or pence a play. The maximum you can wager is 100 coins (dollars or euros). The scratch card itself is a 3×3 grid with nine total symbols in play. The grand prize on this scratch is $5,000 with a max bet and max payout.

About the Theme

Beach Bums is a fun in the sun scratch game. The lively steel drum music will have you pouring yourself a tropical drink to enjoy while playing the game. The theme itself is well made with graphics that are professional and quite fun. The scratch card is flanked with a couple of tan beach bums that really don’t look like bums, thankfully. On the right is a muscled surfer dude complete with a shark tattoo giving the “hang ten” gesture. His companion is a cute blonde in a bikini with big green eyes. The background of the screen is a muted beach scene, but occasionally a seagull or crab scoots across the screen to provide the player with more visual interest. Overall the theme, while simple, is fun to watch.

How To Play

To place your bet all you need to do is choose a coin size. Click on the giant sea shell to reveal a new card and begin “scratching” the sun symbols to uncover the play symbols underneath. You can click the suns or just click and hold, then move your mouse around to “erase” the suns. If you are not interested in using your mouse to reveal the symbols you can have the game do it for you. There is a button next to the giant sea shell that says “reveal” just click it and the symbols will be revealed to you. You can change your bet with the up and down buttons. Located below the game card is where you can keep up with how much you are currently betting on each game and how much you have in winnings.

How To Win at Beach Bums

The way to win this scratch card game is to reveal three identical symbols. Beach Bums is not a strategy game in the least. The pay table shows you what you are hoping will be revealed for the big wins. Here are the symbols you are hoping to find along with their potential pay. If you scratch 3 Flip Flops you will receive 1x your bet. Three buckets of sand pay out 2x. If you find three beach balls you get a nice win of 5 times your stake. When three starfish shows up you can claim 10 times your max bet. A nice win will come your way when three coconuts are revealed, these pay at 20 times your bet. And finally you are definitely hoping to see the jackpot symbols of three conch shells which drop 50 times your bet into the coffers. That is a total of $5,000 if you have bet the maximum of $100.


There is no bonus play with Beach Bums, but it really doesn’t matter. This is a fun little game on its own and you really won’t miss the bonus.

Overall, Beach Bums is a simple and fun way to spend a few hours wagering online. The best part of the game is that you can play for free to try it out and when you decide to switch to actual money you can still play for hours and not spend very much with the penny minimum. It doesn’t get any easier than online scratch cards.