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Big Time Slot – WGS‏
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Big Time SlotBig Time slots is a new and interesting game that is based along the theme of hitting the big time. This video slot game is a traditional five reel and twenty-five line slot game that will keep traditional slot players entertained for hours. This traditional slot game will keep you entertained for hours.

Big Time slots is built around the them of hitting the big time. In this case hitting the big time means that there will be many different gangsters in the game. The game features plenty of cartoonish mobsters. The game takes you into the criminal underworld. The game will require you to hang with the right crew and win the jackpot. The theme of the slot game is extremely innovative and is sure to keep you entertained throughout.

As technology has improved slots have become more and more graphically impressive. The graphics in this game are pretty good, but certainly are not best graphics you will ever see. The background is fairly static and the symbols do not look that impressive. That said most players will not notice any difference between the graphics in this game and the graphics in any of the other games they play on a regular basis.

The audio in this game is also extremely well done. You will find that the sound effects help to enhance the gameplay. The sound is crisp and not low quality in the least.
One of the most important things to know before you play a game is the total bet limit. This game comes with coins in denominations from one cent to $10. There are twenty-five different lines that you can bet on in this game, so the highest bet you can make is $250. This game is sure to provide great entertainment to penny slot players and high rollers that like to bet big money on their game of slots.

The symbols in this game go along with the Big Time gangster theme of the slot game. Each of these symbols represents some part of gangster lifestyle. These symbols include the homie symbol, the radio, handcuffs, dog, helicopter, money, big time logo, and some other symbols that go along with the theme of the big time. You will really enjoy the fact that the symbols go along with the Big Time theme.

Many slot games include special symbols that make cool things happen in the game. One of the most important symbols in the game is the scatter symbol. In this game the scatter symbol is the Big Time Logo. When more than one of the scatter symbol appear you can win more than 150x your bet. If you see more than two of the scatter symbols on the board, then the bonus game will be activated.

Another special symbol is the wild symbol. This is a commons symbol in many different slot games and Big Time slots is no different. The wild symbol in this game is the homie. The homie works as a substitute for any symbol on the boar. If the homie symbol helps you win the game, then you receive a doubled payout.
Most slot games today include a bonus game. The bonus game takes place in a garage. The game requires you to complete four tasks in order to fix a car. Each of these tasks lets you earn as much as five spins. If you complete all of the tasks, then you will receive the opportunity to fix up a second care. This car will determine the amount of your multiplier. At the end of the bonus game you will have some winnings and some free spins.

Many slot games now feature an Autoplay system for those that want to commit to a certain number of games, instead of playing one game at a time. The Autoplay system is an excellent feature and it will stop the game for bonus play opportunities. If you want to play a certain number of games, then you will really enjoy utilizing the autoplay system.
Big Time Slots is an excellent game if you love slots, but are looking for a new and interesting theme for your slot game, then you may enjoy playing Big Time Slots. The theme of the Big Time gangster lifestyle will keep you entertained for hours. The game is rather traditional with its five reel, twenty-five line set up, but it is still fun. The game has all of the standard features of slot game, but it is still an interesting and fun slot game.