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BigFoot SlotThere are a number of authentic Las Vegas style slot machine games available online. The BigFoot Slot is a great example of awesome graphics mixed with an interesting theme that is sure to catch anyone’s eye. This slot game makes use of the legendary “Bigfoot” theme as it major focus. This game offers a number of bonus and hi stakes bets that can lead to enormous pay outs. The playing Big Foot Slot may seem a bit overwhelming at first glimpse, however as a player plays more it will become more comfortable. To truly appreciate this game it is vital that newcomers look at the intricate details of this game, that makes it so fun.

For those that do not know the story of the legendary Big Foot(also known as Sasquatch), this creature is a huge animal of legend that few have seen. This game places a player right in the middle of the hunt for the Big Foot. The game makes use of many of the natural themes and imagery surrounding the Sasquatch. Some of these icons used include: Sasquatch, a Big Foot icon and many more natural themes. This slot game is very similar to other games in that it makes use of other suits that will be incorporated in game play.

There are some basic things to keep in mind while playing the Big Foot Slot game. One important aspect of this slot game is that there are a maximum of five lines that can be played upon. There are twenty five play lines which offer a maximum jackpot of five thousand coins. There is a wild symbol that is in use during game play, but there is no multipliers available in this slot game. Along with a wild symbol, there are scatter symbols as well as Free spins available thorough out game play.

The first thing that a new player will recognize is the wild range of betting options available. A player can choose to wager between one cent and ten dollars on every bet line. Since there are twenty five lines available it is possible to wager up to two hundred and fifty dollars total. Penny wagers offer new players an opportunity to play the game without taking too much of a risk and losing to much money. This also allows new players to get practice and build experience playing this game. This experience will come in handy as the game can progress incredibly fast.

One of the major features of this game is the Sasquatch icon that appears on the second,third and fourth reels. It is vitally important that new players be aware of these three reels as there are numerous opportunities that are available from these situations. The Sasquatch symbol can be used to replace any other symbol expect the Big Foot’s feet print. The important thing to remember about this symbol is that it increases a player’s chances of winning with Free Spins as well as regular game play.

If a player is able to land three or more Sasquatch footprints on the reels then a special game play will be activated. This game play is known as hide and seek bonus. The Hide and Seek bonus will be activated when the player sees an image of eyes peering at them from the forest. The game will prompt the player to choose between the sets of eyes until they choose the correct ones that correspond with Big Foot. Depending on when the player finds Big Foot, will determine how many free spins the player will receive. If the player finds the correct set of eyes on the first try they will receive twenty free spins. Second and third tries will respectively receive fifteen or ten free spins on the game play. Big Foot will also reveal an additional bonus that will be applied to the free spins winnings.

This casino style game will challenge new players to keep up with all of the fast paced action in this game play. It is important that a new player make use of the small bet options available to them. This will ensure that they do not take too many big losses in the beginning. However, once a player has become comfortable with the free spins, bonus spins and wild symbols it will become second nature to them. Playing this game is sure to test a player’s luck and offer them more chances to win big payouts. With maximum payouts of fifty thousands dollars, this is one of the highest paying online slot games available.