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Birds of Paradise Slot – WGS
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Birds of Paradise SlotThe original gamers are the avid casino game players. One of the games that have been around the longest is the slot games, slot machines, these games are also known as a fruit machine in British English, a puggy in Scottish English or the slots in Canadian. The game itself is designed with three or more spinning reels that rotate round and round when a button is pushed or an arm is pulled. The arm is also called a lever. Some called the lever style of slot machine a one armed bandit due to its ability to leave the player broke after striving to get three in a row to no avail. The game has evolved however most modern machines are still equipped with what is referred to as a legacy lever.

The payoff comes when the player matches symbols as the reel rolls into a stopped position. The slot machine concepts are wide and this game makes up at least seventy percent of the normal casino’s income in the United States due to its popularity. The game of slots and variations thereof has been around in the US since Pitt and Sittman of Brooklyn New York invented a gambling machine back in 1891. This game was the introduction for other gambling games to follow, one being the slots, which came along in completely in 1895 by a man named Charles Fey of San Francisco, California. In the beginning the slots had three spinning wheels with only five different symbols, the liberty bell, diamonds, spades, horseshoes, and hearts. Back then the biggest payoff was ten nickels. The game was a gigantic success making way for the game revolution that followed. In 1907 another version was created by Herbert Mills of Chicago, Illinois. His version was called Operator Bell. The beginning of this revolution came when these machines were distributed to bowling alleys, brothels, saloons, and barbershops across America.

In earlier times payment was sometimes given out in the form of food, mainly chewing gum prizes, to avoid breaking gambling laws of the time. The larger casinos of today offer denominations from 1 cent up to $100.00 or more per credit. In the last few years multi- denomination machines were introduced, with these machines a player choses the value of every credit wagered from an option list, then the machine calculates the number of credits the player gets in exchange for the cash that he or she inserts and it displays the amount that is available.

Gaming and casinos have come a long way since those times. Today’s games have themes, and there are so many different kinds of themes to choose from. One of these is Birds of Paradise. Birds of Paradise, the online casino game is a rated PG slot game with a standing jackpot of ten thousand dollars. The most popular bird in the game is the Toucan; however there are a large variety of other birds and the plant, the bird of paradise. It has an auto play feature making it easy for players to relax with the option for the game to auto stop. The game also has six different poker machine symbols; J, Q, K, A, the number nine, and the number 10. The symbols are broken down into different payouts with Q & J together for the same amount, A& K together, and the numbers nine and ten have the same payout as well. The only way the player can win is with two identical symbols and a wild symbol from left to right, or three of a kind. One of the other symbols in the game is a pair of binoculars which any bird enthusiast would need to bird watch, different eggs in nests. The free spin bonus can be reached with the scatter symbols such as eggs, enabling the player to possibly win double prizes. With three or more scattered nest symbols the bonus spin is activated.
A main feature of the Birds of Paradise slot game is the re-trigger. The re-trigger means that the feature which appears during the free spin is won again. Every time giving the player twenty additional free spins with all the prizes doubled.
Online gaming is becoming a craze for casino enthusiast, and the Birds Of Paradise slot machine game is also available for online game playing enjoyment. No longer is it necessary to leave home, and possibly drive for hours (to get to the nearest casino as they are still illegal in some states), in order to enjoy the excitement that casino style games provide.