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Black Gold Rush SlotThis game certainly teaches you a few things. Most importantly, this game teaches you to take it slow and conserve.

This game will include all the basics including wilds, spins and bonuses. I will say this right away, this game will also bring you a lot of luck. The winnings will help you to breathe again, financially. Will you be another Rockefeller? No;however, you will not have any problems affording food on the table or paying your bills. That is how genius this game is, not to mention how lucky you will be. The jackpot alone is worth up to $25.000

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The black gold

This game has 5 reels and 50 lines. These lines are spread evenly all over. For those of you who are not familiar with this game, it focuses on oil. The game is about extracting the oil from mother earth. For those of you who are interested in oil and these big industries to start with, this game will come as a pleasant surprise. I guarantee you, you will fall in love with this game.

The design

The layout is very simple. You have various pipes and lines laid out in the background, just to give it that added feel of being there. The symbols are in the center, The rest of the layout is off to the side and in the back. You get a modern feel with this game.

The symbols offer nothing really to get excited over. All they are, are just icons in the center. There aren’t any cool pictures inside. All the icons are there for is to indicate certain things.

The main color being used is orange. The orange is supposed to represent fire. There are other signs that represent rigs, the sun, flames, gas flames and other things of this nature. The colors themselves are pretty cool. It kind of gives an idea of what are world has becomes, especially when it comes to the obsession with money, power and oil drilling.

Just by looking at the colors and the layout, you get the feeling of how our earth has become a machine, of sorts. What once used to be green and lush, is now being replaced by fire and piping.

How it’s done

Basically, you get 50 pay lines. Each line gets only one coin bet. The coin bet can change depending on how much of a bet is placed. The best themselves on the coins go from one penny to $5.

If you want to place a huge bet, you only have up $250. Which actually is a pretty good balance of scales. Those who wish to stay on the low end of the betting ring, can do so. Those who wish to play ball and really do some high betting, you will have the chance too.

The wild card

In every game there is a wild card. With this game it’s the atom. The atom is very recognizable too. You can use this symbol to create any sort of combination you want. This wild card is a very cool feature and it’s very helpful. Just like any other wild symbol, the atom can be used to replace something of lesser importance. Use this symbol appropriately. Don’t just use it for the sake of using it. By using the atom, the money value can really add up.

This symbol might not appear as anything special with this game, but it does add something.

The free spins

As part of each review, there should be a major selling point. The scatter coins are the gateway to the free spins, not to mention the selling point. If you get one of these, you have struck gold, so to speak. With every free spin you get, you get the chance for more money.

The best part about the scatters in this game is you only need two of them. Other games you need three or more to go onto the free spins. That is why I try to sell this game on this feature alone.

When you get to the free spins, you will have between 2 and 20 rounds to work with. This will give you more then enough to work with.

The bonus round

The best way to get here is to accumulate points. Once you get to 1000 points, you have made it. The only way to do this is by bonus points on the reels. Each one is worth 100 points a piece. If you get ten, you are in.


I’d have to give Black Gold Rush a 4 out 5 points here. It might not have anything spectacular at face value, especially when compared to other games, but it does offer something special for the player. Black Gold Rush is definitely worth checking out.