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Boomanji Slot – Betsoft
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Boomanji SlotBoomanji is a online slot machine game from online software company, Betsoft Gaming. The premise of the game revolves around fireworks and other various flashy pyrotechnics. Boomanji boasts a very impressive set of sounds and music that is on par with the best the internet has to offer in terms of online slot games. As the game starts the player will be great by a cacophony of sound as the loading screen bursts into view in a colorful explosion.

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Additionally, every time the player spins a reel fireworks will fire off and explode in the background. The music itself is very relaxing, a stark contrast to the sharp bursts of crackling pyrotechnics in the far off distance. The sound scape is comprised primarily of oscillating electronic synths that call to mind one of Bones Domingo’s more relaxed, chill ambient pieces. The only downside with this music is that, though it is eminently listenable, even for several times, there is only one track and it can easily get a little overly repetitive. The relentless crackling of fireworks, which at first is very interesting and immersive, quickly loses it’s charm and becomes a little heavy handed and, frankly, quite annoying. Even still the central track is great and the production quality is top notch. Sound garners a well balanced C.

In terms of visuals, Boomanji (which defiantly get’s a F – for creative titles) is a stunning A +. All of the images are beautifully (albeit, a little too cartoonishly for my taste) rendered. It also manages to do something that a lot of online slots fail miserably to do with their digital images, present a wide variety of bright colors without giving the impression that they had never before heard of the color wheel. The visuals are stark, bright, but never over bearing, which means it’s both aesthetically pleasing and will not hurt your eyes with blaring and unnecessary flashing on extended play sessions.

The interface is very simply and much larger than most online slot games with all the standard trappings of: coins, pay line, bet per line, spin and max spin, along with balance, credit left, the bet amount and finally, the number of winning spins. The minimum bet that can be wagered with Boomanji is a extremely affordable two cents, which is great, however, the biggest wager a player can make is only fifty which is not at all going to be a problem for beginners of casual players, but for pros or those looking for big risks and bigger rewards this might just be a major turn off. The game has a fairly decent return rate that is slightly higher than most of the popular online slot games and sits at a comfortable 95.96 percent – pretty nice!

In terms of bonus rounds, Boomanji has only one, however, it is one of the better bonus round features I’ve yet encountered in a online slot game. What happens is, when a crate symbol appears on reels 2, 3 or 4 it will explode (like everything in this game does) and create three wild card symbols at one! This is huge, in regards to increasing the chances of making winning combinations and you will almost always get one. Another great part about this bonus round is that when you initiate the bonus round the wild cards give you the potential to get three free respins and double or triple your payout!

The game, in terms of mechanics, is very simple. Like most all online slot machine games all you have to do is select the amount you would like to wager on the given round, decide on the amount of pay lines you want to play with and then hit the spin button. If you are only after the biggest payouts (or losses) then instead of clicking on the spin but hit the max bet spin button. Clicking this button will initiate a spin with the highest allowed bet and pay lines for the biggest possible payout.

Now we come to something that is not very often brought up when sites give a synopsis for online slot games – their mobile compatibility (or lack thereof). For those that love mobile slots, you are in great luck, because Boomanji is completely mobile compatible. This mobile version of Boomanji is run on Flash software which means, even if you do not have Flash, all you have to do is click open your browser, type in Flash Download and you’ll be set to play. All in all this is a great addition to the world of online slots, but is definitely geared more towards beginners and casual players than hard core slot players. B+.