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Bowled OverI am not going to split hairs about it, I used to have a negative impression of the game of bowling. I viewed it as something that was only played by losers. I personally had been bowling only a few times in my life, but the sport just did not hold that much of an interest to me. Those views have all changed now that I have had the opportunity to play the “Bowled Over” slot machine game.

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As you can imagine, this is a game designed around the bowling them. It features all sorts of symbols and icons that are related to bowling. In playing this game I was able to discover a different side to the game. I had not realized some of the excitement that it can bring, particularly if you are playing a slot machine game where you can win money while you are at it!

What I loved about Bowled Over is that the game is an interactive slot machine. For those who do not know what this means, it means that the game is not 100% based on luck. Most slot machines are based on luck. The players who win are only able to do so because they happen to be playing the right machine at the right time. There was and is nothing that they could have done to influence the machine and how it was going to play out. That is not the case with an interactive machine.

With this interactive machine there are some variables which rely on the player’s skill level. The amount that is won in various bonus games for example is a matter of how much skill the player has when they are playing that bonus game. It is still not easy to win big mind you, but there are more opportunities for the skilled player to take advantage of the skill elements of the game to score big.

I was constantly on the lookout for bowling ball symbols when I played this game. I had come to realize pretty quickly that these symbols were highly relevant to the ability of a player to win big. If I was able to get three or more of them on any of my reels, then I would be granted an opportunity to play in the bonus round. It is therefore not unreasonable for me to want to watch for these. The bonus round was where the skill would come in, and it was also the place where a good amount of money could be made.

There were other cool things to look for on the machine. I saw a lot of the symbols of things that reminded me of the bowling alley. Although I may have been apprehensive about bowling in general, I was starting to see why there were some people who liked it. It had a positive connection in the brains of a lot of people. They found it fun to be there, and there were fun things such as good food and good time together with your family.

It was kind of funny the extent to which the makers of this game went to in order to keep with the bowling theme all throughout. They even made the reels of the game appear as wooden bowling alley lanes. I found this kind of humorous and yet admired their work at the same time. They definitely went out of their way to provide a great experience for players who were big fans of bowling.

At the end of the session of playing I had decided on two things. The first was that this was an entertaining slot machine that I could see myself playing again in the future. The second was that I might just have to reconsider if bowling was something that was so terrible in the first place. It seemed to me that there actually was some value to the game when I really started to look at it.