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Boy King's Treasure SlotI really like the look of this slot machine game. The pictures of the icons, the detailing and the look of the machine are very original and classy looking and fit right into the theme of the machine and look great as the reels are spinning. I really like the mix of colors and how bright and colorful they are.
The game is done in gold with the look and theme of the game taken from the Egyptian Pharaoh days. There are gold Pharaohs with wings sitting on the top of the machine and the name of the game “Boy King’s Treasure” is written at the top. I also like the music, the sounds, and the lights flashing as you win, hit a multiplier, a bonus, or win free spins.
This game is named after King Tutankhamun-better known to us as King Tut. He was just a young boy when he became king. The icons are really colorful and detailed looking, very much like the items you would see in movies about the Egyptian King and the Pharaohs or in a book with the same theme.
There is a bird icon which is a dark blue and light blue with a gold beak and nose with its legs done in gold and standing on a branch. There is the snake symbolizing the cobra from the Pharaoh days which is done in light blue and orange with the tail and the bottom half of the snake done in gold.
There is the icon of the King that is beautifully detailed with his face done in gold and black with the headdress that looks like a sphinx. The pharaoh is wearing what is called a Nemes crown, which is a striped head cloth that covers their head and neck. He is shown with a blue beard and a multi colored necklace on his neck.
The next icon is the bracelet. It is a beautiful piece of gold with beautiful detailing gold stripes with circles of gold with pink stones on the side. There is a gold cat with black whiskers and black facial detailing. There is a blue statuette of a four legged animal, the orange letter A trimmed in gold, signifying an ace, the purple letter K, trimmed in gold signifying the king, the letter q trimmed in gold representing the queen, the red j trimmed in gold with a blue dot in the middle representing the Jack, a pink number one and zero with blue dots in the center representing the number ten, and a green colored number nine trimmed in gold with a blue dot in the center.
The slot game has five rows that spin called reels and twenty different combinations of lines that can come up as winners. You can make bets with coin amounts of one cent, two cents, five cents, ten cents, twenty-five cents, fifty cents, one dollar, or even five dollars. You can bet a minimum of one penny per each of the twenty lines totaling twenty cents, or the maximum bet being five dollars per line equaling one hundred dollars per spin.
You can bet the same amount of money on each reel or you can switch them up and bet different amounts on each line. There are wild symbols, scatter symbols which are symbols that are just scattered throughout the face of the game to take up the space of the slot.
There are bonus features to the game that can come up when you spin and a counter on the bottom of the game that will keep track of what you have won as it builds into larger and larger amounts. There is also a place at the bottom of the machine that will display what you are betting on each reel and will show if your spin wins and how much it totals.
You can hit the “auto” button to keep your bets the same and continue to spin with those bets in place. There is also a “stop” button so that when you win, you can pause the game to see what you have won and what the total is. It is a progressive game, so it will continue to add onto the amount you have won. There is a counter on the game that will show you your total. It also randomly adds onto your total on its own, adding to your winning amounts.
This game offers a maximum jackpot of three thousand six hundred coins for each spin. Then if you hit a multiplier, it can double or even triple how much you win which could give you a maximum of fourteen thousand four hundred coins, or even twenty eight thousand eight hundred coins. You can also spin and win bonuses and free spins.
The biggest jackpot is three thousand six hundred coins which equals eighteen thousand dollars. To win this, you must spin and four of the Bracelets must come up as well as one of the King Tut icons. The next largest jackpot is two thousand coins which equal ten thousand dollars by spinnin and four of the cat icons coming up as well as one of the King Tut icons. The next highest jackpot is one thousand eight hundred coins which equals nine thousand dollars. You must spin and five bracelets must come up to win that jackpot.
King Tut is the wild icon. It can take the place of any of the others icons except it cannot replace the scatter icons if you want to win the larger jackpots. When you spin and get the King Tut icon, you will win twice the prizes you normally would have won each time it comes up. This will get you a bigger jackpot than the five bracelets coming up.
The snake icon is considered the scatter icon. If you spin and three, four, or even five snake icons come up, you will increase what you bet by five times, twenty five times, or even one hundred fifty times if you bet the top bet of one hundred dollars.
The snake icon will also help you win free spins. If you spin and three or more of the snakes come up on each row, then you will win fifteen free spins. Then if the King Tut icon comes up at the same time, you can increase your winnings by twice as much, three times as much, or even four times as much. You can also win up to sixteen times your winnings if you spin and get two King Tut icons. The grand prize can be won by spinning and getting the combination of three of the bracelet icons and two of the King Tut icons. This wins you the maximum of twenty eight thousand eight hundred coins which is one hundred forty four thousand dollars.