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Bulls & Bears SlotDo you wish you had more money to invest in the stock market? If so, the Bulls and Bears Online slot machine might be the way to go. Who knows, you might strike it rich and have all the money you need to put it down into your favorite stock, or you may just be able to avoid stocks all together and retire from your large sum of winnings. No matter what you are looking for, with the Bulls and Bears slot machine, you can at least have a good time playing, whether you win or lose.

In terms of video slot machines, this has all of the features you might want. It does have a progressive jackpot, a bonus round and offer free spins. Beyond this, it allows you to bet as little as a penny per line or up to $5 per line. As the game has five reels and 25 lines, you can max out your bet at $125, or stick right at a penny. With so many variations, you are able to make sure it fits into your budget, no matter what.

Bulls and Bears has one of the higher payout offerings over other online video slot machine games, so it is a nice one to try out, even if you are not a fan of the stock broker and trading design. After all, if you are more likely to win cash on one slot machine over another, it can have just about any look in the world, right?

There are a few different ways to win a jackpot. There is the progressive jackpot, which increases as you play. It does not matter how much you bet or even if you win the particular bet, there is a chance for you to win at all times. Beyond this, there is the traditional jackpot, which you win by matching all of the gold bars across the board. There are also scatter and bonus symbols, which can increase your winnings and replace the symbol of any other icon that might appear. The chart symbol is the scatter symbol for this game, and as for a wild symbol, you want either a bull or bear symbol to pop up. You receive double the value of the payout if both the bull and the bear appear at the same time in your match.

Of course, one of the main reasons why this game is so desirable is because of the bonus features. First, you can take advantage of free spins. If you land a chart symbol within the first three reels of your game you are going to unlock free spins. Plus, the more scatter symbols appear the more free spins you receive at once. When you move into the free spin section you are asked whether you want to buy or sell, which then alters the symbols you are going to see while playing with the free spins. Whenever one of the buy or sell symbols appear during the free spins you win additional spins during the free spin section. There is also the bonus game, which triggers while you are in the free spin section. During the bonus game, you are able to max out your winnings based on the number of wild symbols that appear. It is possible to win over 100 times what the actual general jackpot is, which makes this all the more desirable and worth wild. There are so many different features and designs for you to check out, you are more likely to have a chance at winning with this game than with most other online slot machines on the Internet, although it is something you need to check out and experiment with yourself in order to see if you like it or not.

When it comes down to selecting an online slot machine, this game has all of the bonus features you would want in a slot machine game. The payout is nice, there is a progressive jackpot, plus there are both free spins and bonus game features, which not all video slot games have. Because of this, it is something you need to keep in mind when looking for a nice online slot machine game to play. Bulls and Bears has it all.