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Butterflies SlotThe Butterflies Slot game is one that has muted colors and stylized graphics, for the most part. The softer colors fit very well with the theme of butterflies in a garden. However, the card symbols’ bright colors clash sharper with the subdued shades of pink, yellow, blue, green and purple. The symbols themselves are drawn in a very appealing, extremely detailed, stylized manner that works well, especially for the butterflies’ wings. It is not common to find a game that has a unique, yet detailed art style; but this one does just that: the style that the artist used is not one that will be seen in any other game.

The animation sequences- even though only a few symbols are animated and the animation sequences are short- are seamless. There are no stray pixels or strange shadows when an image moves. The image movement is exceptionally smooth; there is no choppiness or strange flickering.

However, the music and sound effects could use some work. The music while playing is extremely soft and quiet; it is actually more along the lines of ambient noise than actual music and is not the least bit exciting. While it does fit the mood of the game, it will not attract any player’s curiosity or interest. As for the sound effects, the sound when an individual wins is a quick, albeit short and soft harp melody. It isn’t an exciting sound; though it is completely inoffensive. Overall, the music and sounds create a very calm, serene atmosphere, nothing more and nothing less.

Butterflies is a five-reel, twenty-line game and it is extremely easy to play. The player can decide how much they want to bet and how many lines they want to bet on; the more a player bets, the more they are likely to win. Three little caterpillars will accrue a decently large amount of credits. Getting two, three or five pink lotus blossoms on the pay lines will greatly increase the player’s winnings, because the lotus blossoms are the Scatter symbol.The highly detailed green chrysalis symbol is Wild and will substitute all symbols other than the lotus. There is the potential to win a considerable amount of credits in this game, which is something that all players will benefit from.

The chrysalis symbol also triggers Butterflies’ only bonus game, as long as it is on the first pay line. When the bonus is triggered, the chrysalis becomes a colorful butterfly that flies around the reels. When it lands on one of the symbols, it can randomly change them; though there is an equal likelihood of the other symbols not changing at all. Even though this bonus can earn the player a large sum of credits, if the symbols the butterfly lands on do not change, the player will not win anything.

Players should not expect to earn any other bonus, because there are none. Unfortunately, Butterflies does not offer a free spin feature; though if it did have one, it would attract far more people to play. A game that does not have multiple bonus rounds is quite challenging, but it is challenging in the wrong way: it is not an easy game to win credits on.

One of the game’s main problems is translation. If an individual clicks on the “info” button, the information about the bonus game is rather confusing. The game explains the bonus as a “house” on the first reel hatching a butterfly. This is misleading, because most English-speaking players will expect to see a cottage or cabin symbol- and yet, the game does not have a house symbol. What the game is referring to is not a house, but the chrysalis, or cocoon, symbol. This is the only area in which it is difficult to understand what the game pays; the rest of the text is in clear enough English that anyone would be able to understand it.

Butterflies has the potential to be a lot of fun to play. The theme isn’t one that is seen often and the graphical representation is better than most other slot games, insomuch as the artist has an extremely unique, appealing art style that is not seen in any other game. If the typographical elements (the card symbols) followed the same color scheme and featured a nonstandard font, the imagery could easily be used in brick-and-mortar casinos. Unfortunately, graphics alone do not make a slot game fun to play at- the musical elements should tie the game together and make it exciting; conversely, it seems as though the game was designed to completely relax the player.

Butterflies is a game that will appeal mainly to women; especially the younger crowd and older women, because of its charming imagery. However, it will not draw people who play online slots to be excited by something flashy. While it is a game that could be improved in some areas, it is nevertheless quite fun to play.