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Celebrity Slots App for Iphone & Ipad
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Celebrity Slots

Celebrity Slots – Tabloid Edition is a refreshing casino slot machine game that features several popular celebrities. The game is good for someone who is familiar with the stories of some famous celebrities, and it is perfect for someone who would like to get a chuckle out of seeing celebrity faces on a slot machine game. Antonis Lazarou released Celebrity Slots – Tabloid Edition in March of 2014, and it has a rating of 12+, meaning that it is appropriate only for people who are over the age of 12. The game received that rating for some mature themes and some drugs and alcohol suggestions.

Celebrity Slots – Tabloid Edition Theme

The entire theme of this slot machine game revolves around the stories of several celebrities. The game features celebrities such as Charlie Sheen, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Chris Brown, and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from the television series “Jersey Shore.” A first time player will only have access to the Justin Bieber and Charlie Sheen themes.

Charlie Sheen “Duh” Theme

The Charlie Sheen theme is comical. The icons that make up the virtual slot machine consist of cartoon images of Charlie Sheen and Ashton Kutcher along with a blonde in a bikini, some drugs with a “winning” sign, alcoholic beverages, friendly females, an up close rear end and more. Emilio Estevez may also be a part of the theme. Every time the player presses the “Spin” button, Charlie Sheen says “Duh.” He calls out the word “Winner” if the person hits a jackpot.

The Biebs Theme

The “Biebs” slots theme is as comical and entertaining as the Charlie Sheen theme. It features cartoon images of Justin Bieber and Usher. Additional icons include a brunette female wearing a money bikini, a bonus bag of marijuana, DUI handcuffs, Justin with extremely saggy pants, Justin’s Stewie chain, and some bikini rear ends.
When the player spins, “Charlie Sheen” says,“Duh.” It is not clear whose voice is the one that says “Winner” on the Biebs slots.

Celebrity Slots – Tabloid Edition Payout Structure

In Biebs mode, the biggest payout comes from five Stewie chains. Five Stewie chains will win the player 400 coins. Droopy pants Justin is the second highest paying icon. Five droopy pants will win the person 120 coins. The money bikini girl can get the player up to 100 coins. The handcuffs can earn the player up to 80 coins. Finally, the marijuana bag is a “bonus” item. Three bags can win someone extra games.

The Sheen Slots payout table is slightly different from the Biebs table. The high paying icon in the Sheen theme is the bottle of booze. Five bottles of booze are worth 400 coins. Five blonde bikini girls are worth 100 coins. Ashton Kutcher is worth 80 coins. Charlie Sheen’s bag of cocaine works the same way that Justin
Bieber’s bag of marijuana works. Three of them earns the player free games.

Celebrity-Slots Tabloid Edition Menu

The menu and the user interface are easy to understand. The top portion of the menu displays such items as the amount of coins the person has, the home button, the sound selection, and the amount of coins the person has won during his or her playing history.

The middle portion of the menu is the area that displays the different celebrities. The red arrow to the middle right of the screen allows the person to slide through his or her options. To select a celebrity theme, the player will simply tap on the celebrity.

The bottom portion of the menu contains the guest name and level button, the “buy coins” button, the “more games” button, the “settings” button, and the “music button.” The first button displays the player’s name and the current level. The “buy coins” button takes players to a screen where they can purchase bags of coins for continuous play. The least expensive bag of coins is a 1,000 pack for $.99. The most expensive bag of coins is the 200,000-coin pack, and it costs $49.99.

The “more games” button takes the player through previews of additional games. The “settings” button takes the person to a screen where he or she can change the sound and notification options. Finally, the music button allows the player to add his or her favorite music to the game.


The Celebrity Slots – Tabloid Edition game is the perfect mix of celebrity gossip, humor, and casino slot machine adrenaline. Players will have an amazing time playing it, and they could find themselves occupied with it for hours. Some of the best features of the game are hourly rewards, bonus games, super slots, and a myriad of free coins. The game is an excellent choice for entertainment during any time of the day or night. It can be a great comical diversion for everyday life struggles, as well.