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Chase the Cheese Slot – Betsoft
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Chase the Cheese SlotThe Chase the Cheese Slot game challenges players to demonstrate both good luck and some computer gaming skill. Several aspects of this somewhat unusual slots game designed by Bet Soft will likely appeal to casino patrons, especially to younger players who grew up in the era of computerized video games.

Some of the features of Chase the Cheese Slot game seem particularly noteworthy, including a few unusual aspects of this slot game, the basic layout of play and the presence of a bonus skill round.

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An Unusual Slot Game

As the title suggests, the game revolves around a general theme of mice hoping to obtain cheese. Some sites treat Chase the Cheese Slots as a non-casino video game, allowing players to play for credits or points rather than coins. Others incorporate it into a casino selection.

The graphics may remind some people of a computerized video game more than a slot machine. Imagery in the game includes a very cute little mouse, a top hat and cane, a plum, cherries, a lucky red seven, cheese, a mousetrap and a “Chase the Cheese” game logo or casino logo. The images appear in basic colors, strongly reminiscent of cartoon designs and, as it turns out, much of the play occurs against the backdrop of the wooden wall of an old-fashioned residence where cheese attracts mice.

As with many computer games, virtual buttons appear on the screen rather plentifully. A lower series of irregular sized buttons allows users to select the number of payout lines, indicate the bets to play per line, play a maximum bet and spin the reels. On the left hand side of the screen, another rectangular shaped cyber button permits game players to view the payout amount.

Basic Layout: Four Reels and Nine Pay Lines

Unlike many casino gaming machines which favor three or five reels, Chase the Cheese Slot game opts for a total of four reels and nine pay lines. Players can choose to play between one and nine active pay lines. These extend horizontally across the screen, in four vertical rows down the screen and diagonally from the top of the first reel to the bottom of the fourth.

The denominations of coins used in bets may vary, based on the site of the game. However, some places allow players to gamble using sums ranging from a single penny to a full dollar per pay line. The maximum possible payout is $7,500, although some sites use tokens or points instead of coins.

Small wins can occur with only two adjacent symbols, but larger jackpots generally require four adjacent symbols. When two wins occur on the same screen, the player receives the larger of the two jackpots. All the correct symbols must actually touch the pay line in order for a win to occur.

A Bonus Skill Round

One very unusual feature of Chase the Cheese slots involves a bonus skill round in which players can earn extra credits by playing a game. If four game logos appear together on an active pay line when a bet is placed, this event triggers a bonus round. (It is possible to play the game for a long period of time until the logos line up in the right way to generate a bonus round.)

When a bonus round occurs, the screen changes briefly from a slot machine into a video game background. The players must steer a mouse through the house and attempt to retrieve as much cheese as possible before returning successfully to the mouse’s hole.

A number of hazards await the unwary during this skilled portion of the game, including cats, hole traps, mouse traps, mechanical killer mice, bats and spiders. Each player receives three possible lives, but a timer operates on each level, so participants without video game skills or those with slow reflexes risk their mouse dying a virtual death that brings them no reward at all from the bonus round.

On the other hand, players who develop skill in the video game portion of Chase the Cheese Slots may enjoy the advantage of winning extra playing credits. The game does seem to favor people with rapid arcade game reflexes in that respect.


Chase the Cheese Slot game offers some interesting aspects of both traditional slots game play and computerized arcade games. It is definitely unusual in that respect.