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Cherry Blossoms SlotSlot players like myself are always looking for the next great slot machine that they can play. They will search far and wide in order to find just the right type of slot to enjoy. Everyone has different tastes, but almost anyone can come up with a slot that they like better than the others. For me, this slot is one called “Cherry Blossoms”.

This game is so great in my opinion because it features the beautiful Cherry Blossom trees that are so common in Japan and certain other parts of the world. There is a certain elegance about those trees that I enjoy when playing this slot machine game. I am able to enjoy the design of the game while playing, and that is important to me. If I do not like the design of a game, I will simply not play that game at all.

There are five reels in this game and 25 paylines. I always feel that I have a shot at winning something on every spin that I take. With that many possible ways to win, my attention is held within the game at all times. I also like the fact that there are plenty of wild symbols in the game that help boost my winnings and turn me into an even more winning player on occasion.

One of the most exciting features of the Cherry Blossom game is that you can double or even quadruple your winnings if you choose to do the “Gamble” option. This option allows you to pick either the color of a card that is revealed (red or black) for a double up on your winnings, or you may choose the suit of the card (spades, clubs, hearts, diamonds) to get a four times return on your winnings. It is a simple and straightforward fair bet. Those who choose to use this option can turn small wins into something much bigger with just a little bit of luck.

This feature is completely optional for all players. Some will choose to avoid such a risk because they want to keep the winnings that they have already managed to gain. That is a perfectly reasonable and acceptable option as well. Those who do decide to play it should know that they are only allowed to use it up to five times on a single win. This is the point at which they max out on the gamble option and cannot win anymore. However, most players will never decide to gamble that heavily.

I enjoyed the control I had over choosing how many lines I was going to play on every spin. Obviously, playing the most lines increases my chances of hitting a winning combination. However, I could control how much I was risking by simply choosing to play fewer lines if that is what I decided to do. Not every game offers this ability, but the Cherry Blossoms game does. I new the whole time that I was the one in the driver’s seat.

From time to time I enjoy playing a game that has an auto play feature. It gives me the chance to set a standard amount that I want to risk, and just let the game play itself through that amount. I do not even have to press the button to place another bet. I can just let the game play itself out and wait to collect my winnings at the end of it. This gives me the chance to watch the game play out and see what features may present themselves to me as I hit the combinations to trigger them.

Personally I prefer to bet the absolute maximum that I can on a given game. I like it therefore that the Cherry Blossoms game provides a “Max Bet” button that I can just hit to play out the most credits and lines possible. It improves the chances of hitting a big score and I am able to have a shot at taking down the whole jackpot for the game as well. The max bet button is therefore insanely helpful for players like me. I do not have to continue to bet the maximum each time manually. I can just sit back and press that some button repeatedly.

I like this game very much for all of the great features mentioned above. I feel as though the game was designed with me and all other slot players in mind. It is the kind of game that players go looking for when they are trying to find that perfect slot game to sit down and enjoy.