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Circus Slots App for Iphone & Ipad
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Circus Slots

Circus Fun Slots is a unique slots game that provides an array of payouts. The entire slot game takes on the appearance of what is offered at any online casino. It’s all for fun and there is no actual gambling, which means that kids and adults alike can play the game and not go broke.

Circus Fun Slots is rated 12+ because of the simulated gambling as well as some infrequent suggestive themes. Other than the idea of gambling, it is completely safe for any age because it’s about the circus – and who doesn’t love the circus?

An array of graphics are featured under the big tent at the circus. This includes clowns, stunt artists, magicians and many others. The graphics are a ton of fun to watch and the goal is to match three of the same icons for big wins. The three reels will spin around for several seconds after the ‘Spin’ button is pressed before coming to a stop. While they are spinning, circus music will play in the background.

If there is a winning combination, two things happen. The music changes to signal an award of money and the amount in the ‘Paid’ portion of the screen lights up to show how much was actually won. A single game can pay out as much as 40. There is always the option of betting one or betting max credits, allowing you to choose how much you want to wager at a time. If you bet max, you have the opportunity to win more, which is reason enough to wager more each time.

The credits screen will show you how much you have at any time, allowing you to decide whether you need to purchase more in order to continue playing. As long as you win on some of the slots, you will have the opportunity to keep playing. When you run out of money, you can unlock the payout feature so you can tap into your winnings. Otherwise, once the credits are out, there are no more spins available.

The Circus Fun Slots is one of the easier games to figure out. While the language is in English, there is no English required throughout the game because it is focused on hitting ‘Spin’ and watching to see where the reels stop in order to find out if you are a winner or not. There is no learning curve to play the game. Within seconds, you can figure out how to play the game and begin enjoying the excitement of being at the circus – and testing your luck with each spin.

There is only one pay line to win, which helps to challenge the player. Many slot today have 15 or 20 pay lines, which makes it easy to win. Circus Fun Slots is reminiscent of the older slots where the pay line is in the dead center of the game. If the icons are not matched up right down the middle, then there is no winner and the reels must be spun again.

All of the details that you need to know about are shown on the main screen. You will be able to see how much you bet, how many credits you have won, and how much you have been paid out. The payouts based upon what icons are being matched are at the top, so there is no question as to how much can be won each time you spin the reels. The magician’s top hat is the only one that you don’t need three of a kind with in order to win money. Even if you just get one or two of the hats, you win– and that’s the magic of those symbols.

The game is as fast paced as you want to make it. You control the spins and there is no auto-spin feature, so you choose when and where you want to spin. The game has been updated several times to get rid of the bugs, so now it runs as smooth as any slot machine that you would find in Vegas or any other casino.

The Circus Fun Slots app is designed for the iOS platform. It can be played on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, ensuring that everyone with an iOS device can play the game. The app is free to download and there is an in-app purchase of $1.99 to unlock the payout feature. That will convert winnings into credits so that the game can continue for longer periods of time.

Anyone who loves slots will enjoy playing the Circus Fun Slots. The download is less than 10 MB so it doesn’t take up a lot of space and the download happens quickly. This ensures that people will be able to get started spinning and testing their luck right away.