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City of Gold SlotThe game City of Gold is an online slot machine game. This game gives a player several chances to win a lot of money. While the games features the classic sevens and in order to win the jackpot a player will need to get three sevens on the same line the graphics are bright, attention getting, and colorful.

City of Gold has a Gold temple in the background. There are three reels where a player has to try to get the same object in a row. If a player is able to get one watermelon to appear in the row that they are betting on they will win a little bit of money and maybe even their money back. As the combinations get harder the payout gets bigger. A player will also win a small amount if they are able to get any bar to stop on their line. Any two watermelons pay out a larger prize while three single bars in a row pays out more. Three sliced watermelons is the next prize followed by three, two bars in a row. The next highest is matching three, three stacked gold bars. The triple sevens is the second highest prize that a player can hope to it. The top prize on this game is matching three buckets full of gold. The more a person bets the more money they will win if they happen to match these buckets full of gold and gems.

City of Gold is easy to play. Even if a person has not played a slot machine game before they will be able to easily figure out this game play. A player can chose to play one, two, or three lines at a time. if they are only playing one line they will have only one chance to win and anything that comes out on the other two lines will be void. If a player chooses all three lines they have more chances to win but will have to spend more money per bet. A person can play anywhere from .25 cents per line per bet up to five dollars. The more money they bet the more money they can possibly win. In order to win the top prize on the jackpot players have to wager the maximum number of coins.

There are some special features in City of Gold that can increase the amount of money that a player can win. If the player is betting the maximum number of coins per line they are eligible to win the jackpot if they get the three bucks of gold and gems in a row. If a person does not get the three buckets in a row getting one or more can help them win more money. The bucket of gold and gems can be used as a wild symbol which will help a player win more money with their other combinations. The bucket of gold and germs can also be used as a multiplier. If a player gets two other symbols and a bucket of gold and gems they are able to win two or three times the amount they would have won without the golden bucket on their line.

Players that have tried City of Gold are happy with this casino game. There are only three lines to follow which is much less complicated then some games where a player has to watch fifteen different lines and different combinations. The game combinations are also easy to understand. The possible combinations are listened on the right of the game play area. A person can see what combinations they need to get. They can also see how much money they are going to win if these combinations pay out. The bets are also reasonable in this game. A player can wager as little as .25 cents per spin. While it is true the more money they bet the more money they can win, players enjoy that this game is affordable. This takes the pressure off knowing that they can put a small amount of money into their account and enjoy some time playing this game without having to worry about going broke right away.

City of Gold is a great game to play from home or even on a mobile phone. This game is easy to follow and is easy to understand. The rules are simple, the graphics are bright and colorful, and there is a chance to win a great deal of money from this casino game.