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Cleopatra’s Pyramid Slot – WGS
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Cleopatra's Pyramid SlotCleopatra’s Pyramid is an ancient Egypt-themed, five-reel slot machine. The dark brown background is meant to represent papyrus and the typical “card” symbols on the playing field have been replaced by black hieroglyphic symbols. Unfortunately, it can be fairly difficult to determine what some of the symbols are supposed to be; whereas it is easier to see what some of the hieroglyphs are. For instance, the eye of Horus symbol that triggers the bonus is very clear, but it isn’t easy to discern that the kneeling archer is, in fact, a kneeling archer.

The more colorful graphics are a cobra’s head, a Sphinx, a pharaoh’s head, Cleopatra’s head and a complete drawing of the winged goddess Isis. These graphics have a blue and gold color scheme, which contrasts with the otherwise brown and black theme of the game. These colorful graphics are drawn in a very simple cartoon style; while a cartoon style would work with some games, it is a completely different style than the hieroglyphs. In addition, the art style of the colorful graphics is completely lacking detail: there is no cell-shading or even rudimentary shading. Cleopatra and the pharaoh head were drawn in different styles than the other colorful symbols.

The pseudo-Egyptian music will seem very familiar to many players, as it is the same kind of middle eastern music featured in movies and games that take place in the far East. While this music is not exciting or interesting in any way, it does go with the theme of the game and is not offensive in any way. The bonus game does not have music; instead, it replaces music with inoffensive sound effects that provide ambiance rather than excitement. When the bonus game is triggered, a rather peculiar sound that could either be falling rocks or something growling plays as an alert that it has been triggered.

It is rather easy to trigger the main bonus feature, which is a plus. Once the bonus is triggered, the player is presented with the image of a pyramid built from bricks. The player has to click on the bricks in the highlighted row to reveal their prize for that tier. They click their way up the pyramid to better prizes. However, if a symbol that resembles a dog laying down is revealed, the bonus round is over. The eye of Horus opens the next pyramid tier and the symbol of a human with its arms raised does the same; though the player does not keep the winnings from the previous tier. It is quite possible to find the laying dog hieroglyph on the bottom tier of the pyramid, which cancels the bonus game without anything being won; however, it is equally possible to win a large amount of credits from this bonus. However, it is very difficult to win the top-tier prize.

The free spin feature is not easy to trigger, as three or more Isis symbols have to be on the paylines in order for this feature to be activated. Three free spins are awarded for three symbols, five free spins are awarded for four symbols and nine spins can be given if five symbols appear.

Other than the pyramid bonus or getting three pharaoh heads on the active paylines, the game does not pay very high. Even when betting the maximum credits, the winnings are rather low, which makes it fairly challenging. There are no multipliers to increase the winnings, either- and the pyramid bonus cannot be re-triggered while playing that particular bonus. The free spins can be re-triggered, but that is not easy to do, as it is difficult to get three or more Isis symbols on the paylines. However, the pyramid bonus can be triggered from the free spins.

Even when betting the maximum amount of credits, the players should not expect to win a large amount when they have not triggered one of the bonuses. Single and double-digit winnings are the most common sums to expect; with hundreds or thousands of credits only earned through scatters and bonuses.

Cleopatra’s Pyramid is not an overly difficult game to play, but it does take some time to get used to how it pays and plays. The pyramid bonus is different than what any other slot game offers. This game has a lot of potential and would appeal to many people, if the execution was more polished and professional-looking. It is not a bad game by any means; it is just one that takes a few minutes of play to figure it out and understand it.