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Coat of Arms Slot – RTG
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Coat of Arms is an electronic slot machine simulation running on RTG software that can be found in casinos worldwide. This medieval-themed game boasts outstanding graphics, sound, and is very attractive to casino foot traffic. Its intrinsic game design has 5 reels and 25 total pay lines that give players many possibilities for payout.

Designed and produced by Realtime Gaming, the slot machine seeks to evoke the flavor of literary works such as Ivanhoe and Robin Hood, and it is very possible that this one-armed bandit will steal from the rich and give to the poor. It features scatter symbols, wild multipliers, and a re-spin feature as well as a bonus round. These features make for an exciting game where any given spin can win one of two possible progressive jackpots.

Players of Coat of Arms will keep their eyes peeled for the Black Knight symbol, a wild multiplier that can combine with the most valuable symbols in the game to create winning combinations. They will also be pleasantly surprised by the appearance of the White Knight, which is a scatter symbol that can also mean big payouts.

Personal Experience:

In playing the Coat of Arms slot machine, I was impressed by how much the multiple pay lines and myriad free spins and bonuses were integrated into the overall gaming experience. Any given spin had the possibility for big payouts or a bonus game, and very few spins resulted in no payout at all. It was easier than you would think to trigger the bonus sequences and the winnings for these were very exciting. It took a little while to get used to how the pay lines were laid out, and at first this unfamiliarity was a little frustrating. At times I couldn’t understand why I would win on one spin but other consecutive symbols were not on a pay line. Once I understood the shape of the pay lines and where the symbols needed to line up I found myself not worrying about it as much.


– A high RTP setting allows a fast and loose playing experience
– Variable stake levels allow for everything from penny bets to much larger antes per spin
– Jackpot payouts as high as 5000 coins can be doubled to 10,000 with wild symbols


– Variable coin sizes ranging from $0.01 to $5.00
– Max bet of $125.00
– Maximum jackpot of $10,000

Coat of Arms benefits from its outstanding game design and myriad special features, but players are most attracted to it for its potential to have a high payout. It provides a smooth and seamless gaming experience and although it can cater to large bettors it is designed with those who prefer lower stakes. Its medieval symbology is playful and engaging, but also gives a sense of adventure to the player. The game is generous with free spins, giving them out through the golden shields symbol. As they appear quite frequently, this can extend playing time dramatically and build excitement for a player. A less engaged player also has the ability to opt for auto-play if they need to relax or focus on other things while the machine spins.

From its design to its middle ages esthetic Coat of Arms is a game that is perfect for the casual slot player. While more hard-core gamers will appreciate machines with bigger payouts and long-time gamers may opt for something with a simpler design, Coat of Arms is built to appeal to the customer who is just coming through the casino and is on the lookout for a memorable gaming experience.

Whether you are a big-budget player who wants to jump in the deep end or are a more conservative gamer who just wants to get their toes wet, Coat of Arms can accommodate your needs. Although some may not be enthusiastic about its medieval theme it is not necessarily to be a history buff in order to enjoy its dynamic gameplay.

Overall, Coat of Arms provides a satisfying playing experience for a casual casino slots player who may not have very much experience with electronic gaming. It seeks to be a player-friendly game and succeeds in this by providing an entertaining interface for the player to interact with on every spin.