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Cool Bananas SlotIf you like things that are cool, you might like the Cool Bananas Slot game. This game is supposed to be a laid-back game that is fun for all. The biggest theme in the game is based on gorillas and bananas. The gorilla that you can see in the background of the game, is dressed in a cool Hawaiian shirt, adding to the theme of the game. You can also see that the gorilla is on top of a skyline, and holding a woman, similar to what King Kong would do. If you look in the left top corner of the screen, you’ll also see planes flying above the gorilla.

There is no music or sound, unless the reels are spinning, or if you get a winning combination. This game has five reels and 25 pay lines. Your minimum bet can be as low as $.05, and can total up to $250, just for one spin. If you’re looking to play a game that has high stakes, this just might be the game for you. With the high amount of pay lines available, you can end up winning a lot, or you might just end up losing a lot, depending on your bet amount.

You’ll want to start out slowly and bet a little, until you get into the hang of the game, and know which symbols make a winning combination. This game contains scatters and wilds. The scatters are the bananas, which cannot be substituted by any other symbol. The wilds are the gorilla, and it can substitute for any symbol, except for the scatter, which is the banana. If you’re looking to win it big, get five of the gorilla symbols in a row, or in a winning combination, in order to win the jackpot.

Five of the gorilla symbols will multiply your jackpot 5000x’s, which can equal to an amazing amount of money, depending on how much you choose to bet. If you choose all the pay lines, and the highest bet amount, you can leave with a tremendous amount of money. Choose your bet amount wisely; but either way, the scatters and wilds available in the game mean that you still have many different chances to win prizes. There are several different symbols in the game, including the gorilla in the shirt, a banana that’s halfway peeled, letters, numbers, a city skyline, glasses, a lady, and an ice cream sundae.

With all the neat symbols that is available in the game, you can see why the game is entitled “Cool Bananas,” because it gives you the feeling of everything being cool. What you’re really aiming for are the bananas, as well as the gorillas, because they have the potential to give you the biggest win. You can also possibly win free games, if you get the right symbol combination. If you happen to get to a banana, which is a scatter, then you’ll see the gorilla come into view, grab the banana, then eat it.

Getting three of the banana symbols or more, will allow you to get up to 40 free games. With the amount of free games that are available, if you get them, you can win even more money in the game. When looking for a winning combination, you really want to get the woman, or the city skyline. If you get five of the women symbols in a winning combination, you can win up to 1000x’s your bet. Get five of the city skyline in a winning combination, in order to win 250x’s your bets.

All other symbols can lead to a win, but they pay out is less than the gorilla, lady, skyline, and banana symbols. If you want to understand all the ways that you can win in the game, feel free to check out the pay table, which informs you of winning combinations. Also take note that any wins will pay from left to right, so this is the order in which you need to look for your winning combination. If you get a banana, which is a scatter, then left to right payout is no longer necessary. There is no auto-play feature in this game, but there is a max play button, if you want to utilize it.

Remember that you’re trying to go for the gorilla, which is the wild symbol; if you’re looking to win it big in the game. If you ever get the gorilla on the screen, you’ll see him start to strut across from one side to the next; on his screen, while looking incredibly cool. The wild symbol will only show up on reels number two through four, in case you’re looking for a wild symbol, in order to win. This is a very fun game, and extremely cool for those who enjoy a neat themed game.