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Cool Cat Casino

If you have played a game at a casino before, it’s likely that you’re going to be able to find that game at CoolCat with just a couple of clicks from your mouse since they offer 130+ games. The difference is that you won’t be stuck in a dark casino all day with people trying to sell you drinks and food. You could make your dinner, turn on your laptop and walk onto your back porch to play your video poker while you enjoy the meal that you just cooked.
The games all feature 3D-rendered graphics and digital sound, so you will never be bored while you’re playing these games. Also, the odds of winning at an online casino are much higher than if you were to play at a live casino. Why? The cost off running an online casino is much lower than it is to run a live casino, which allows the online casino to afford to offer better odds to customers.

You can also play these games from just about any device that you own. You can download the games on any Windows-based PC, and all non-PC users are able to use the Flash version casino to enjoy all the same games. There is also a no-download version available so that you can play from any public computer without having to download any programs.

Getting Started

If you decide to get started with CoolCat Casino, the process to get started is straightforward and takes just a couple minutes. Visit the casino at and find the button that offers to allow you to download the software. Once you begin the download process, your computer will walk you through the rest of the download, and all you have to do is wait.

If you have any issues with downloading the software, CoolCat Casino offers great customer support 24/7. You just call them with whatever problem that you have, and they will fix it for you in a matter of minutes.

Once you have everything downloaded and you’re ready to start playing some games, all you need to do is to load some funds into your account so that you can watch your money grow. You can fund your account with money by making deposits with your Visa, Mastercard, credit or debit. The only thing that you need to do if you’re a new user is to complete the Credit Card Agreement Form. Withdrawing your winnings is even easier. CoolCat will load your funds to your account whenever you want, so after you win you can take your money out that night to do something fun.


Not only does CoolCat offer you tons of games to play, they also offer various promotions that reward you for playing with them. They offer three types of promotions:

  • Sign Up Promotion
  • Monthly Promotion
  • VIP Promotion

When you sign up with CoolCat and make your first deposit, they will immediately reward you with $100 to use on whatever games you want. This means that you could win big right away without spending a single dollar. It’s possible that you could earn up to a 1,000% welcome bonus just for playing with free money. There’s nothing better than playing games with house money that you don’t have to care about losing.

CoolCat also offers a monthly promotion that varies from month to month, so you will have to visit the site each month to find out what they have to offer. For example, right now it is July, and they are offering a raffle for people to win free $1,000 chips. There are 10 chips out there, and anyone can be a winner.

Also, if you feel inclined to join the exclusive VIP club, they offer promotions that trump the previous two. Each VIP class features their own bonuses, so the higher the class you are the better the bonuses are for playing. These offers are for the VIP members only, and you are sure to be much more likely to win big with the types of bonuses that they are offering.

What Are You Waiting For?

With everything that you now know about CoolCat Casino, there is no reason for you to ever have to go back to playing your games at a live casino. The benefits to the online casino are enormous, and there is a much higher chance for you to walk away a big winner than there would be if you went to an expensive live casino. Keep you pajamas on, and don’t worry about putting on shoes because you don’t even have to leave your own house to play these games. The odds are in your favor to win, so go ahead and visit to get started with your easy, fast download. You won’t regret getting started at this premiere online casino. Just make sure you don’t forget your friends when you walk away a winner.

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