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Coral Reef SlotFor those who like the ocean, and some of the fun that comes with it, you may want to try the Coral Reef Slot game. Themed after coral reefs, as well as items that have to do with the ocean, or the beach, this game has some fun to offer. Of course, blue is a common color within the theme of the game, as it pertains to the ocean, where coral reefs can be found. In the background, on the lower part of the screen, you can see some ocean life, bringing the entire theme of the game into view.

The name of the game is labeled in the bottom corner of the screen, and it stays constant throughout the game, while you play. In the top left corner, and going most of the way across the screen, are the reels for play. This is a three reel game with only four pay lines. Unlike many of the other slot games out there, this game has a very low pay line amount, meaning that you can win, but the possibility of a big win, may be more complex. Many choose to play games such as this with only a few pay lines, as it’s less complicated.

The Coral Reef slot has its good points, and it’s still recommended for those who are interested in a slot game that is simple, yet fun. The minimum coin bet amount is as low as one cent, but it can go up to as high as $10. For those who are choosing to bet big, make sure you realize that you may lose big as well. Either way, play as you like, because even though this game has a non progressive jackpot, you may still win a great payout. This game can be fun, but it is limited as to the ways you can win.

The Coral Reef slot has no multipliers, bonuses, free spins, scatters, or wilds. It’s rare to see a game that has no extras, but you may win by getting the symbols in a particular order. Even with the lack of bonuses that you can get in this game, if you bet a higher amount, you can still possibly look forward to a big win. Unfortunately, the only way that you win in this game, is by getting the right symbols, in the right location. Without scatters or wilds to help you out, just hope you’re lucky when playing.

Since you know there are only a few specific ways to win, you can take some time to study the payout table, in order to learn which winning combinations will give you money. The different symbols in the game include sevens, shells, bars, as well as other symbols. If you want all of your pay lines to be active, you’re going to have to bet the minimum amount for all pay lines. Just remember, the more you bet, the more you can win. Although you may see a lot of shells in the game, they have no value and pay nothing.

Unfortunately, it’s up to you to get a good winning combination, but the shell symbols are not included. If you come upon a bar, a seven, and certain combinations, then you can win some money. If you’re in a high betting mood, you can bet up to $10 in one play, allowing you a higher win, if you do get a winning combination. The highest possible win in the game is 2000 coins, but depending on your bet, this can be a significant payout.

If you’re hoping for a win that is significant, you should bet at least $.10 on each pay line, for a possibility to win $50. By betting as little as $.10, you can still get into the game, but not risk too much if you’re afraid of losing money. For those who want to bet more, you can put down $10, and if you bet on each pay line, you can possibly win a jackpot of $80,000. Even without all the thrills, this game does offer excitement for anyone who may want to win $80,000. If you bet wisely, you might be cashing out a good payday.

Winning a jackpot is only activated if you get three coral reef signs on a winning pay line, but you must bet all four coins. If you play the correct way, and get the three coral reef symbols, then you can anticipate winning the $80,000. Always make sure that you’re playing for fun, and not necessarily to win, as no game has a guaranteed payout amount. Because this game lacks a lot of features that may give you a higher payout bonus, it’s only recommended for those who intend to bet big, and don’t mind losing some money.