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Cosmic Quest Episode 2Cosmic Quest Episode 2: Mystery Planets is the sequel to Rival Gaming’s hit video slot game Cosmic Quest: Mission Control. This outer space themed sequel expands upon the original with improved graphics, new music, and most importantly, new ways to win big. This review is going to go over the basic features–especially for those who missed the first iteration–special features, and bonus play of this game. Read on for all the important information potential players will need to play this rocket blast of a video slots game.

Play Free Cosmic Quest: Episode 2 – 20 Paylines

Basic Features Overview

So the nuts and bolts of this game are that it is a 5 reel, 20 line virtual slot machine. To play you need to bet a minimum of one coin per line and a maximum of ten coins per line. The coins themselves are variable from $.01 per coin to $.10 per coin. If you do the arithmetic it gives you a maximum bet of $20 per spin, but of course the low end can be good for budget players as well. The scoring is left to right on each active pay line, except for the scatter symbols. As you would expect this machine has buttons for auto-play and max bet if you don’t feel like fooling around with all the options. Sticking with the space theme of the first Cosmic Quest, the standard symbols are comprised of wacky planets made of green cheese or rainbow rings, as well as all manner of crazy space ships both human and alien. Like many video slots there are wild symbols which can help you build a winning line. Also there are scatter symbols which either get you free spins or open up bonus play respectively.

Cosmic Quest Special Features

First of all, hitting on three or more of the “Jackpot Jetpack” scatter symbols will win you free spins with a 2X multiplier. 3 Jet packs will get you 10 spins, 4 gets you 25, and 5 gets you a full 50 free spins with the bonus multiplier. This means if you hit the jackpot during a free spin, you would win twice as much! Now to further add to the craziness there is an expanding wild rocket ship that appears during bonus play to increase the payouts even more.

Bonus Round Play

The other scatter symbol in Cosmic Quest 2 is the ‘Scatterstronaut’–try saying that three times fast–that unlocks the bonus round if you hit on three or more. This slot will actually give you the chance to either have the bonus round be a skill game or an auto win. The trade off is that the skill game has a potentially higher payout to go with its higher risk. The name of the bonus round is called Rocket Racer–and like many of the bonus games in video slot games–it is actually quite easy and can provide players with a good break from the spinning action. However if you don’t care to try your hand in a cosmic game of skill, the auto win will just randomly calculate a bonus for you.

Cosmic Quest Final Verdict and Recommendation

First of all, for anyone who is a devoted fan of the first Cosmic Quest Episode this sequel will certainly not disappoint. For everyone else, this is a fun and easy to learn video slots game with a suitably campy sci-fi theme. There is a lot of symbol variance, but once all the wild and scatters start to kick in most players should find plenty of opportunity for it to be lucrative. The graphics are slick and colorful, the music is festive but unobtrusive, and the game play is about as solid as you’d expect from a Rival Gaming offering. Honestly, unless you just really really hate outer space or any kind of science fiction themed setting, this is definitely a highly recommended video slots game.