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Crazy Cherry SlotSimplicity is the one word that comes to mind when playing the Crazy Cherry Slot game. From the video maker Vegas Technology, they offer this traditional styled game that can have payouts all the way up to fifty thousand dollars. It’s a great game that gives the player a real sense of accomplishment. It offers wild rounds and multiple betting options. Some of the classic slots don’t include staggered coin options and various other offerings. This game brings the best of the old style slots with the new video game slot technology.

Upon first glance, the Crazy Cherry game looks like any other. It’s a three reel game that has five pay lines. It really does have the appearance of a Vegas slot even though most people are playing these games online, they illusion of a casino played in person can be felt. The vibes are mostly good, and there is plenty of fun to be had, but even though it appears like a traditional slot, there are some good aspects too. There is no bonus round at all. So, those who think they are going to go to another round where they get the chance to get a multiplier will be sadly disappointed. There are no free spins, no multipliers, and no bonuses. You can bet anywhere from one cent up to five dollars per spin. Regardless of how much you bet, the maximum winnings for this machine are $50,000.

The game is very traditional, and its business as usual as far as games goes. On the reels, you will find that the traditional symbols can be found. There is a Bar, Number 7, Double Bar and even a Triple Bar. Very classic and expected from a classic slot machine game. There is a wild bar that will allow for some added winnings; this appears in the form of the ‘Crazy Cherry.’ To increase the rewards on this type of game, there are five coin levels that one must be concerned with. Remember, like most games, the greater the risk, the better the reward. The pay table has prize combinations that range between 1-5 coins that can be played. If you want to play for the 5,000 coin jackpot, you must place the maximum bet of five coins to do so.

Just because it is traditionally based, don’t let that fool you into thinking that there are no variations and this is one boring game. The game is very smooth from start to finish, and Crazy Cherry has a charm that is appealing to those who crave nostalgic type games. It is only a three slot game, so this make it have some great limitations from those who are expecting the newly style video game slots with scads of pay wheels. But, this one is just classic good fun that comes with lucky 7’s and a few wild bars thrown in. If you are craving the bonus rounds and multipliers that give the ability to win thousands of dollars, it’s not going to be found here. However, what can be found are great amounts of cash to be won in a classic style of game.

One logo that you will notice on this game is the Crazy Cherry, or otherwise known as the wild card. This is different than other games, and thus gives it the originality it needs to stand out from the rest. The cherry plays several roles on the reels in this game. It can act as an instant winner when paired with two other matching items. Get 2 Crazy Cherry icons and the jackpot is yours. Though the odds are against this, there is still a good amount of money to be made. When any Crazy Cherry appears on the screen, there is a prize to be won. However, the more that appears on the screen, the more you will get. Just because you get 3 Crazy Cherries doesn’t mean that you will instantly win the grand prize, it all depends on how much was bet to begin with.

Overall, Crazy Cherry is a fun game that is not complicated. It is easy for the player to follow along and understand what is going on. There are never times when you have to second guess what the machine is doing, like in other games. Where other games with multiple reels that can’t always be seen can be jumbled and puzzling, this one keeps it simple with a 3 reel basic style. With traditional elements and a great deal of money in the jackpot, it’s one game that should be checked out!