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Cupid's Arrow SlotLove, love, love the look of this slot machine game! This is really one of my all-time favorite slot games. I like this game; I like everything about this game. It has all the elements of Valentine’s Day but can be played all year long. I have not ever seen a slot machine like this one before. It is so cute; the game is done in pink and red with all the different elements of Valentine’s Day.
There are diamond rings, roses, pictures of couples kissing, candy boxes of chocolates, cupids, gift boxes, calendar dates, hearts, presents, rose petals, Valentine’s Day cards and teddy Bears. The theme is carried out in all parts of the game. They even give you the opportunity to try the game out for free online or on our app before playing and actually betting.

There are five rows to spin with twenty five different combinations of lines that can be played. It plays cute music and lights up with flashing lights that go off when you spin and the cute little heart with the arrow going through it comes up, and you win free spins. It can double; it can triple, or go higher depending on the amount that you have bet. When you win the wild icons and scatter icons there are also bonus rounds.

There is the grand jackpot of ten thousand coins that you can win, which equals out to be one hundred thousand dollars. That is a really big jackpot for playing a slot machine online. You can continue to get larger jackpots as you play, by earning bonus coins. If you continue to keep playing, just remember that the largest bet you can make at one time, is two hundred and dollars. Your bets can only be in certain amounts of money. The Cupid’s Arrow slot game will only accept pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, fifty cents, a dollar, five dollars, or ten dollar bets.

If you spin the slot machine and it lands on three, four, or five scatter icons, you will win 15 free games for that spin. If you spin the wheel and it comes up with free games, it will have the same kind of cute music and the flashing lights that you had before. The cupid icon is a wild card which helps you win double the amount you bet, and the icon with the date for Valentine’s Day is the symbol for the winning free spins, and so are the three, four, or five gift boxes. This can only happen on the second line and fourth lines of the game.

You will win a bonus game if you spin and the present icon appears on the screen, because it is a scatter icon. If you spin and get three of the present icons, it will also set off the Cupid’s Arrow, which will get you into the Bonus Round. If you have several lines that pay and go across both of the Bonus Symbols, then that round of bonus prizes will be increased by the number of the lines that pay and go across them.

When you spin and get to go to the bonus round, it will take you to a new screen, which will show you a triangular shaped screen with pretty wrapped gifts on it. You will get to pick one of the wrapped gifts on the lower part of the screen. When the big Valentine heart appears, you will win more points and it allows you to go up one row on the screen of presents and they each will light up. You will then get to pick out another present and it will continue that pattern until you pick a present that shows the red Valentine heart is in two pieces.

You can let your bet stay the same for each of the five rows and put it on auto play and you can just keep playing continuously until your are ready to change it, or you can change your bets in any of the combinations that you choose for each spin. It will show you at the bottom of the game, how many games you have won, what your score is, how much you are betting on that game, if you are on auto play. It will also tell you how many games you have won and show you how your numbers changed with each spin.
This game can also be played on Facebook social media site and any Android cell phone or tablet. This slot machine game feels just like you are at the casino playing the real slot machine game. You will feel all the excitement and exhilaration you would normally feel just like you were rally in Las Vegas without all the expenses or the lose.