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Daredevil Dave Slot – WGS
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Daredevil Dave SlotWant to enjoy the rush of excitement that is associated with riding with a crazy stunt man such as Dave Osborne or Evel Knievel? If you are into experiencing danger, excitement and a lot of thrills, the Daredevil Dave Slots Game is exactly what you have been waiting for. This renowned slots game was created by Wager Gaming. Watching those crazy stunts take place in front of your eyes, and hopefully winning money thanks to the reels, is some of the best action you could have hoped for.

Daredevil Dave is one of the most exciting and best looking five reel slots games that has been released. There are five reels and twenty pay lines in this game, giving betters a lot of chances to win money. If you are looking for a simple, exciting game that will give you a solid chance of winning cash, Daredevil Dave should be your game of choice.

Not only are the reels fun to play and full of great prizes, but they also look fantastic. The visuals and animations in Daredevil Dave are exquisite, giving betters the feeling of being at a casino when they are playing. The animations will give you all the thrills and excitement associated with watching stuntmen pull off those crazy moves, without having to worry about getting hurt yourself!

The Symbols in Daredevil Dave Slots

The symbols in Daredevil Dave are absolutely fantastic, with each symbol having a meaning to the game and the story in general. There are flaming rings, checkered flags, and bike helmets to signify different stages of the game. Players do not have to stare at boring old slot machine symbols when they play Daredevil Dave, with each symbol looking fantastic.

If you are close to winning a reel, the flaming one symbol acts as a wild. This means that if a player has received four of the same symbols in a row, along with the flaming number one wild, they will win the game. The wild symbol takes the place of any other symbol during a turn. Not only does it act as the necessary fifth symbol, but it also doubles any payouts that are won from that spin.

Another great symbol in Daredevil Dave is the gold scatter symbol. This gold trophy represents the chance to win bonus cash, free spins and a bonus round. If a player wins the reel on the same turn they get a scatter symbol, their winnings are tripled immediately. This is probably the most exciting symbol in Daredevil Dave.

Along with the free spins and multipliers on winnings, the gold trophy can also give players the chance to compete in a bonus round. This bonus game is exactly the kind of crazy, death defying experience that every daring fan wants to see. If a player gets two of the stock car symbols in one reel, they have received a bonus round that can be played immediately. This round features a crazy stunt car pulling off outrageous turns and jumps as it tries to get you as many winnings as possible.

Winning Combinations

Due to the fact that this Daredevil Dave slots game is a 20 line machine, players can get the chance to spin winning combinations all of the time. The best way to get a high payday is to bet on all 20 of the pay lines at the same time. When betting on all the pay lines, players have a chance to win most of their money back no matter what combination comes out. The last thing you want is to get a great spin on the reel only to realize that you did not bet on all the necessary pay lines.

Players should also try out all the different pay liens because this gives them a chance to win a lot of bonuses. When the golden trophy comes about, or the scatter symbol, it has maximum effect if all the pay lines were selected. Players can get a lot more free spins betting on 20 pay lines as compared to betting on only one or two pay lines.

Even when a free spin is gained, anything that is won on that spin is determined by the number of pay lines that were bet on the initial spin. Free spins also mean triple the winnings, which is an added incentive to bet on all the pay lines on each turn.

If you are a fan of exciting graphics, great symbols, dare devil stunts, and winning money, then the Daredevil Slots game is the one for you.