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Diamond Dozen SlotThe Diamond Dozen Slot Machine game will appeal to players excited by imagery of wealth and affluence. Diamonds, those bright, shimmering gemstones of popular lore, figure very prominently in this fast-paced slots experience. Indeed, images of shining diamonds even appear within the game logo, sprinkled generously among the golden letters forming the name “Diamond Dozen.”

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Several aspects of this trendy casino game designed by Realtime Gaming deserve attention in any review. These center around the eye-catching imagery, winning payout features and a special bonus called “Diamond Delight.” The game’s popularity with casino visitors and online players probably owes a lot to these particular attributes.

Some Vivid Images of Material Gain

First, several elements of the Diamond Dozen Slots conjure up a sense of imminent luxury and an ostentatious, free spending lifestyle of comfort and ease. The logo on the main screen in many locations displays the name of the game in bright golden letters surrounding a detailed drawing of a happy man and woman dressed in formal, yet elegant, attire. The gentleman holds up a sparkling bluish diamond as his shapely blonde female companion serenely gazes past the valuable bauble; indeed, she wears quite a few jewel-encrusted ornaments herself.

Other images of affluence pepper the playing screen. In the Diamond Dozen Slot Machine game, players see five reels with 20 pay lines, crossed by a myriad of high rolling imagery: jewel studded symbols for playing cards, represented by A, Q, K, J, 10 and 9 intersperse with very clear depictions of diamonds (white and blue in color) and a variety of other symbols associated with extreme wealth. Versions of the game include a rich man and woman, a diamond-laden purse, a thick wallet, a diamond ring and a rose.

Background music provides another stimulant for wealth seeking players of the game. The action proceeds at a fast clip, with quite a bit of visual excitement packed into the screen.

Winning Payout Features

Several versions of the game exist, ranging from a free practice version to software permitting gambling play with money. The game allows players to bet sums from as little as a single penny to $100.

Although the maximum coin amount is $5.00, this amount can multiply quite rapidly because of the 20 different pay lines. The largest jackpot in the game is 3,000 times the coins played, i.e. potentially $15,000. A progressive jackpot option also exists in some locations. For payout information, it remains important to check the rules at each site, since the popular Diamond Dozen Slot Machine game originated a few years ago and very possibly slightly varying versions may exist in different locations.

The game affords 45 separate winning combinations, so even lesser jackpots can offer players a lucrative award. Spinning the reel and obtaining the wealthy man symbol with the correct combination of other symbols on the pay line reportedly yields as much as 2,000 times a bet, for instance. Blue diamonds multiply bets by factors ranging from two times to 100 times.

Diamond Delight Payouts

Players need to pay close attention to the color of the diamonds appearing on the screen during this game. The appearance of three or more blue diamonds on the screen gives players a chance to complete 12 bonus rounds.

Playing the bonus rounds can lead to a “Diamond Delight” formation in which white diamonds appear as wild cards on the payout line. Should three or more white diamonds appear there during this round, players should touch each diamond on the screen in order to reveal a number. Each white diamond then displays a number between one and ten. These figures when multiplied together reveal the size of a Diamond Delight payout.

So players will want to take notice of both the blue and white diamonds in this game. The blue diamonds possess a scatter benefit if they appear in the right quantity, and the white diamonds function as a unique wild card aspect.


The Diamond Dozen Slot Machine game remains very popular. Its special features, especially the bonus rounds and the bonus round Diamond Delight Play, probably account for much of the enthusiasm the game generates. Players can locate Diamond Dozen Slot machines in a variety of venues, including online and at casinos.