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Diamond Dozen SlotOnline there’s a wide variety of betting games and games of chance to choose from, all offering various degrees of excitement. However, only Diamond Dozen Slot offers the affordability other games simply do not. A bet can be made between only one penny and $5 dollars, making the game easily accessible for people from all walks of life. It features several intriguing symbols such as two diamond rings, an affluent man and woman, a wallet, and a red rose. The backdrop is a city skyline along with big band music playing, giving the site a nostalgic feel of a simpler time. It’s easy and fun to play; the white diamonds play the wildcard role while the blue diamonds are the scatter symbols. All these symbols help a player win prizes. Free spins can also be won; this is one effective method of enticing the player to stay in the game as the mystery and intrigue only become exponential over time.

Play Diamond Dozen

There are 5 reels and 20 lines where the action is continuous. The payouts can be quite exorbitant. For instance, two or more blue diamonds will earn a scatter of a prize multiplied by 2, 3, 10 or 100 times! Three or more will trigger a Free Bonus Round with 12 free spins and a double multiplier. One of the coolest features is the progressiveness of the game. As a player continues to play, a progressive jackpot is activated randomly; one will not know when it will be triggered. It usually pays in the high four or low five figures. This encourages players to bet substantial amounts of money knowing that the payout could be much larger.

As the white diamonds are the wild symbol, anything can happen. With three or more the payout can be exorbitant. Furthermore they access the Diamond Delight Feature where the payout is a multiplier of the total bet. To get the size of the Diamond Delight Feature payout, each white diamond will give a random number between 1 and 10; these numbers are then multiplied together. The payout is a multiple of the whole bet! It appears that the key word regarding the Diamond Dozen Slot is multiplier. A word players will undoubtedly want to see often as their money does in fact multiply, increasing the appeal and excitement quotient, keeping players winning money and prizes for a long time. Diamonds truly are forever!