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Diamond Temple Slot – Rival
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Diamond TempleFor the “Indiana Jones” in all of us, there is a slot machine that offers the same adventure and fortune as the famous movie character encounters on his adventure on the screen. The only difference with this version is that the hero is not a man, but a woman named Jenny Nevada. Offering great bonuses and multipliers, this slot is sure to help the gamer “dig up” some great winnings.

Play Free Diamond Temple – 20 Paylines

This game opens up with a quick demo video. When the playing screen starts, the top of the screen shows the name of the game, areas to view the pay tables, and a background of ancient temples and jungle vines. The sides of the playing area are stone blocks containing colorful numbers to represent the pay lines. Between these two sets of numbers is the playing field where the reels spin. Below this and to the left is an area where the player can view the amount of the latest win and the amount remaining in their account. To the right of that are areas to select coins, lines, max bet, auto-spin, and to activate the manual spin icon. The music for this game is adventurous and upbeat. As the reels spin a snare drum plays in the background.

Reels and Pay Lines
There are five reels on this slot machine that spin independently. There is not a stop feature on this slot. There are 20 available lines on which to place wagers. Playing the maximum amount of lines and coins will result in higher payouts.

Wagers and Payouts
The minimum that can be wagered on this game is five cents. The maximum that is allowed to be bet at one time is 25 cents. With a maximum bet, the player will be playing 20 lines at 25 cents each which will result in a maximum wager of $50.00 per spin. The amount wagered may then be multiplied by winning combinations of the symbols that land on the reels. Each individual icon has a pay table that multiplies the initial bet.

  • Golden Mask-4x for three matches, 20x for four, 80x for five
  • Bag of Diamonds-5x for three matches, 20x for four, 80x for five
  • Explorers Hat-8x for three matches, 40x for four, 150x for five
  • Jeep-10x for three matches, 50x for four, 200x for five
  • Binoculars-12x for three matches, 60x for four, 225x for five
  • Temple-15x for three matches, 80x for four, 300x for five
  • Handgun-20x for three matches, 100x for four, 350x for five
  • Whip-begins a bonus round with 10x multiplier for 2 symbols, 100x for three, 1,000x for four, 5,000x for five
  • Jenny Nevada-is the free spin icon and pays 50x for three symbols, 150x for four, 750x for five

The whip symbol is the wild card on this slot. When it appears on the screen, winning combinations are automatically paid. When more than one lands on the reels it also activates the multiplier aspect of this symbol.

Free Spins
The Jenny Nevada symbol is the free spin activator when three or more land on the reels. The player is awarded ten free spins with this bonus. During this bonus game it is possible to land on more free spins. The wild symbol still activates during free spins and can result in added bonus rounds when the bag of diamonds is a winning combination.

When the bag of diamonds is in a winning combination, it opens up a new screen to a bonus game Temple Maze Bonus. In this game the player enters a cavern in which they collect tools and treasures by opening doors. Open the wrong door and suffer a booby trap which ends the bonus round and returns the player to the slot game.

When it comes to excitement and adventure, this slot is awesome. With free spins and extra mini-games, this slot is the treasure you have been hunting for.