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diamonds downunderDown Under is a slot that is fairly interesting and tries to depict the Australian way of life.
There are sounds but not any music. The Australian outback is the theme represented by this slot. The pictures depict the Australian animals. The Koala, the crocodile, the kangaroo both as a kangaroo and on a diamond shaped sign, and a lizard. There is also an Aborigine hunter, which is the way the free spins are obtained, and also maps, which give a bonus.

Play Free Diamonds Downunder – 15 Paylines

In this game, it is supposed to allow the mining for diamonds in the down under.
There are only two bonuses in this game.

One is when three maps are on the reels. When this one bonus is gotten a scroll pops up on the screen and it explains what to do. Click on continue and you are brought to a place where you click on three maps. Only three are chosen even though there are nine maps total. These maps are supposed to represent where the diamonds are thought to be. After that is done the outdoorsman enters the mine and mines diamonds with his pick ax. When he sends the diamonds to the front of the mine in a cart filled to the brim with diamonds, and depending on how much you have chosen, you get some points. This tells that this continent is plentiful in diamonds. With this bonus, it is supposed to remind the player that of the above item that there are many diamonds in Australia. But it is said that the diamonds are not just found in the dark caves, but also in the noisy streams and they also fall from the high mountains.
The Aborigine man is the other bonus getter. When three of them are shown on the board, there are ten free spins obtained. The reels spin and depending on what matches are received, that is how points are won. If more Aborigine men are gotten in a spin say four then fifteen spins can be gotten.
While playing this game, it should take you through an exciting journey through Australia. Here is a chance to see close up a koala and to really stop and look at it.
Also kangaroos are on this board. These also are native to Australia. There are also pictures of a boomerang and beer cans. Diamonds also appear on these reels that depicts that Australia is the place that has the most diamonds in the world. The kangaroo on the sign is one, which must be seen when driving through Australia.
There are many times that the wheel spins and there is no bonus gotten.
Sometimes there are only the wilds, which are the pick axes. They make a match to any of the pictures except the ones for the bonus.
This game has a purpose, which is to find the diamonds. This slot machine brings the player on a journey through Australia and also allows a try in a diamond mine where there are many diamonds. Try your luck. Hit generous jackpots, which are represented by the pick axes. These are the wilds in this game. They match all of the pictures except the maps and the Aborigine man that are the bonuses.
Another feature of the Aborigine man is that if during the bonus spins he comes up again, the bonus can be started all over again. This is a great feature for gaining points during a bonus round.
Play this game to see just how many points that is able to get during bonuses and just from all of the matches. However, if no matches are made, points can also be lost. And the more times that the reels spin and no matches or bonuses are hit, then the points will be lost.