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Doctor Love SlotLooking for love? Who isn’t? Well you might find it with the Doctor Love slots online. No, you won’t be able to find actual love by playing this game. You will have a good time though.

I went on it the other day to see what it was. I gave it shot and was pleasantly surprised. Normally I don’t get into games like this. Strangely enough, with this one I did. For those who have no idea what this game is all about, let me clue you in.

Doctor Love Slot REVIEW

First off, it’s completely free. That knowledge should brighten a few minds out there. What games does the Doctor offer.

1) Roulette Strategy
2) Blackjack Strategy
3) Video Poker
4) Craps
5) Slot machines.

This is all just to name a few. For those who have an interest in the Roulette games, there are a few rules you need to go by.

1) The player makes his or her bets and the wheels turn.
2) A ball gets thrown into the wheel and comes down the shoot.
3) When it comes out the ball will display a color or number.
4) The player makes a bet beforehand whether to stay with odds or even.
5) Depending on what the ball lands on, the player will win or lose.

See, it’s that simple. Pay attention to your numbers or colors though. The first time around I got a little cocky and wasn’t paying attention. I ended up losing the first couple rounds, before I got wise and remained alert.

The wheel and ball can either work for you or against you. Pick your odds carefully. If you feel your gut is trying to tell you something, go with it. Here is something to be aware of though. The numbers are picked randomly. There have been numerous players that all believe they can beat the odds. They figure they can work the system to their benefit. This is not true. There is not a person alive that hasn’t tried to before.


I am a craps man, always have been. I tried craps out with the Doctor and found it to be every enjoyable. Now some of you might get into the game, some of you might not. Just in case, I have enclosed some information about the craps game here in my review. It might just help some of you out.

1) The thing to keep an eye on are the cubes. They come in amounts of 1 to 5, depending on the level. Keep and eye on them, this is key.

2) With the faces, the opposite sides must add up to 7. They have to do this every time. Doesn’t matter the number combination, as long as 7 is involved.


1) The probability of the number can be either increased or decreased. The more dice you use, the more the probability of a win will go down.

2) To begin, calculate the probable moves in each game you play. This is the best way to get a win.

The great news for any and all players is the fun doesn’t stop there. There are more games to choose from with the Doctor. I was amazed to see all of the cool things this gaming site offers.

They offer bingo. Now you can choose from two types. There is the bonus bingo and the no deposit bingo. I personally picked up a few tips when I tried out the bingo games. Here are a few of them for your benefit.

1) Don’t expect any bingo game you play to give you a maximum strategy. This is the mistake that so many make. Players set themselves up for the biggest win and then get disappointed. I have seen it happen. Go into the game without any expectations at all. By not having any expectations, your chances of winning could be doubled.

2) Your best bet is to enter into a bingo game online that has a guaranteed or fixed payout. Usually the payout is around 60%. The highest they will go is between 75-80%.

The great news about those who choose the no-deposit bingo is the lack of money. There are some who just want to test the water, Than after they get good, they will begin to out in some real money. Doctor Love bingo will allow the player to do this.


I have to say, I was very impressed with Doctor Love, I really was. Not many other casinos online offer what the Doctor does. My recommendation for you is to check it out. Make an appointment to see the Doctor right way. Then you can decide for yourself what you think. The Doctor is now accepting walk-ins or referrals.