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Dog Pound Slot – Rival
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Dog PoundWhen you sit down to play the Dog Pound, you need to remember that this game alone is not like any of the others that are out there online. Most games have a story and all these adventures to go on, but Dog Pound is much more simple. There is no preamble to the game, and there is no story that takes you from one part of the game to another. If you like dogs, you will like this game. If you do not like dogs, you should try it anyway to see the graphics.

Play Free Dog Pound – 15 Payline

The Chihuahua And The Bulldog

When you are spinning the reels, you are looking for symbols that are going to give you wilds, multipliers or scatters. The chihuahua and the bulldog can do all these things during the game. You will not know what they are going to do when you get them, but you will know that they are going to do something. You must be on the lookout so that you can bet on the lines that seem to get these symbols the most.


You can bet from 1-75 cents on each payline, and the payback you get in coins could be astronomical. When you bet high and hit it big, you are going to win 2500 coins. If you get the second prize from your bets, you will win 1000 coins. However, you need to make sure that you are betting in a way that makes sense for your own wallet. You have watched the reels spin, and you know when items are going to come up. If you are patient, you will win much more because you know whether you are going to get the dog bone or the full bulldog.


There is one bulldog in the game that can change things up for you and act as a wild. There are two chihuahuas that will help you get prize multipliers, and the line of three chihuahuas starts a bonus round with free spins that you will not forget. You can use these bonus rounds to get enough free spins to make the game more interesting, and you will be able to prolong the game much more if you are getting these chihuahuas here and there.

The Goal

The goal of the game is to keep going. You want to make sure that you are able to play the game for long periods of time so that you can win as much as possible. If you are not able to prolong the game, you need to play more so that you can learn how the reels will spin in your favor.

There Is Not A Story

There is not a story to this game, but you will be able to play along with the cute dogs that allow you to win as much money as you possibly can with every spin. This game is a great distraction from the other games you play that have stories. Think of this game as the painting of the dogs playing poker. It is whimsical and fun for you to play, and you will not have to do anything but keep spinning until you are done winning. This game takes much less emotional investment, and you can easily determine how best to play the game if you are simply playing it like a table game.

Dog Pound allows you many chances to win, and you can get away from the stories of other games just for one day as you try to see if you can get the bulldog and the chihuahua to help you out. If you are not good with dogs in the real world, this might be the time to make amends with the species.