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Dolphin Reef SlotOne of the more entertaining aspects of modern slots is the fact that they come with a theme. While this might seem a bit superfluous on first glance, many people find themselves surprised by how much it can add to the experience. And there’s good reason for it. Gambling is all about feeling. It’s riding emotion, first and foremost. With the end result gained through different paths.

To some that path is best laid down with a dynamic and rushed tone, others will find themselves best matched with a feeling of calm intensity. Fans of the latter style of play will find a lot to enjoy in Dolphin Reef. From the very beginning, one is treated to a relaxing visual style modeled around an aquatic theme. From the calming blue ocean, to the subtle grey tones of the dolphins themselves. Even the controls are designed with the feel of driftwood found washed ashore. It’s all designed to keep one relaxed, but focused. And in a realm where visual presentation is becoming increasingly important, it’s one of the best at creating an evocative image within a limited amount of space. But of course style without structure wouldn’t make for a very entertaining game. And there’s quite a bit going on below the surface.

On the monetary side, the game keeps with the general focus of calm. It’s not intended for people looking for the largest payoff or the biggest gamble. Rather, it’s more for a relaxed and enjoyable game. As such, the typical user will tend to fall within the low to medium size wager. However, nobody should feel too put out by that definition. It’s important to keep in mind that when talking about gambling, the numbers tend to be pretty high. So as long as one’s looking to work with a budget under $1000 the game should be perfect.

Of course the biggest question for any slot is how many icons there are and how many columns. Dolphin Reef keeps up with the style of going with the flow there. It has a total of eleven icons, housed within five columns. To go along with the general calming ocean theme, the entire presentation also makes heavy use of ocean related noises and music. Again, it’s a surprisingly calming presentation that can be a fantastic fit for the right personality.

One can even see that calming influence on the wild card icon. The wild icon in Dolphin Reef is a dolphin. However, unlike with many games the wild symbol won’t substitute for another winning icon. Instead it’s used to trigger free spins. This is in direct opposition to the company’s usual design and rule mechanics. However, it does go along with the general theme by essentially making the player feel like he’s calmly swimming along. Dolphin Reef tends to focus more on the idea of smaller payouts over an extended leisurely period than a dramatic huge payout.

At the same time though, that continual drift through the game does give more opportunity for wins. The free spins come into play when the dolphin icons appear in reel 2 or 4. This will give the player five free spins. But what’s most significant is that they’re started as wild. This will dramatically increase the chances of winning or advantageous spins for the player. It’s another factor which really differentiates the mood of Dolphin Reef.

Like similar overall designs, the game also features a scatter icon. In Dolphin Reef, the scatter icon is a treasure chest. This can show up quite unexpectedly, and adds to a general feeling of really stumbling on sunken treasure at the bottom of the sea. If the player chances on two or more, there’s an exponential multiplier applied to the overall payout. This means big winnings for the lucky player who manages that accomplishment.

In the end, there’s always the question of whether a particular slot will be a good fit for the player. Often times this has more to do with style than any objective quality of the game. Is Dolphin Reef a good match for you? The best way to find out is to give it a spin. However, there’s a good bet that it will be if one’s style of play leans to a more calm and calculating form. Or for players who’ve had some experience with similar slots, but want to get a good variation on it. The nature of the free spins, in particular, can make it a uniquely rewarding twist on the standard gameplay for people who’ve had a fair amount of experience. Additionally, the wide range of allowed wagers and tendency for longer games can make it an ideal starting place for people just getting started with slots. In general, Dolphin Reef is a solid slot. With few downsides and a number of unique features which set it apart from competitors, it’s worth a look by both novices and old hands alike.