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Double Gold SlotI have been following online gaming for a long while now. It started out as a way to pass some time. Then it became a serious thing for me. I’ll admit I have seen some good ones and some not so good ones.

Truth be told, I was kind of weary of this game at first. Reason being? I felt it was going to be like all the other online games out there. I felt as though there was going to be nothing original or unique about it. To be honest with you, I was pleasantly surprised with Double Gold. I will show you why.


If you are already familiar with Wager Gaming Technology then you might have come across this game already. All it is, is a three-reel slot machine game. The game is set up so you get three wilds and a variety of bets which can be placed.

The whole idea behind this game is to create a virtual land-based gaming site. What I mean to say is, the game wishes to recreate what you would find when you visit a land casino. At an actual casino, you would find a game that gives you all of these options and more. Double Gold hopes to give you the virtual recreation of that.

The game itself has the same sort of numbers and symbols you will find in a land-based game. It’s got the wilds and the cherries, not to mention the double bar and triple bar. The gold log itself is quite important. The gold log is designed to give you an estimate of what you can expect to take home with you, when it comes to the payout. This feature is actually pretty cool. No matter what happens, this logo will display a ballpark figure of your winnings. This way there won’t be any confusion.


You can wager between 1 and 3 coins. These coins are have different values. Some are valued at a penny. Others are valued at $10. The rest lie somewhere in between. What does this mean? It means the potential earnings for each coin are between a penny and $30. Pretty cool huh!?

It’s designed this way for a very special purpose. It’s going to give you different options for betting. You can adjust your game to bet the right amount of coin. You can also do in a way that gives you the most amount for the return.


The logo itself also serves another purpose. It can be used as a wild card. This means you can use it to replace any other coin in your game. This serves as a very lucrative option. When you use the wild symbol in place of a lower coin, depending on where your chips fall it will double the win.

Another cool thing about the wild symbol is the number you get. If you get one, that’s pretty cool. If you get more then one, your winnings will be 4 times the original bet. If you bet a $10 coin and you get two wilds, you will walk away with about $400. That’s $400 on just that alone. Now I hope you see why the wilds are so important in this game.

You want to get even more from your coin? Try getting three wilds out of three coins. Doing this will more then quadruple your earnings. You could walk away with between $800- 2500. Yes, you heard me right. You could stand to walk away with almost $3000. This is just on the wild symbols. I have never seen a game that has done this, and I have been checking them out for a while.


The cherry is also important too. Depending on where your cherry falls, you could get some pretty respectable winnings too. My advise for this game is to keep your eye on the wilds, the Double Gold symbol and the cherry.


1) If you get to the maximum betting point, your earnings will be insane. You could get up to $25,000. Word of warning, don’t expect this your first time out. If it happens, then great. Learn to work your way up. It’s not going to happen right away, because it’s not designed to.

2) The best thing to do for nay new player and some of the seasoned ones, start with a lower wager. Just take it slow and start by betting low. As you get a feel for what is going on with the game, then increase your coins. As you increase the coins, you can increase the wage.


It’s a really cool game to play. I highly recommend that you check it out. This game is perfect for those who want to get into gaming. It’s good for those who are looking for something new to try. Everyone can benefit from trying Double Gold.