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Dragon Master SlotSometimes you want an extra bit of excitement with your gaming experience. A little extra bang for your buck, if you will. Or at least a bit of extra bang for your online digital representation of currency. And that’s where the world of themed online slot machines opens up before one. And in this case, the Dragon Master video slot.

Like other themed video slots, Dragon Master takes a general theme and runs with it. In this case, it takes the player into a fantastic world of dragons, treasure, scrolls and of course the titular dragon masters. It’s not simply a matter of presenting these icons to the user, either. It’s an immersive experience where one can experience a fair amount of multimedia effects. While this isn’t as elaborate as some other offerings, the acknowledgement of a dragon slayer icon is always a fun surprise that helps draw one into the experience. It’s almost like a character within the game itself is giving you a nod of the head to show that you’re doing well.

However, immersion is mostly there to help keep one interested in a game. The big question is whether Dragon Master is worth playing as an actual game. And the answer is a resounding yes. One of the most significant reasons is that the slot was developed fairly recently. Given that it was released in 2010, the design shows heavy influence from predecessors. Video slots in general are a product of gradual evolution in rulesets. Games this new tend to come with an extra level of polish to the rules which make them more engaging.

But just what are those rules? To begin with, the game uses a standard five column layout. In general these behave in a fairly predictable manner. One spins, and hopes to get icons lined up in an advantageous way. In general, these can be said about any slot with a similar layout. However, that’s where the more unique aspects come into play.

The most important is the dragon master, from which the game takes it’s name. The dragon master acts as a wild card of sorts. It can replace any icon, other than the scatter orb, in order to create a winning combination. There’s a reason that one will always be excited to hear his “Huuwah” sound effect when he’s in play. Though in terms of actual effect, the sound is useful as a reminder of exactly what’s going on in terms of winnings.

However, if one ignores the dragon slayer icon than the typical win is by lining up two or more matching icons on a payline. A payline being anywhere between one and twenty five, depending on how the player wants to run the game. And of course the winnings from those paylines are variable as well. The actual values, as expected, are set by the player as an initial bet. One of the main points of strategy is finding out a comfortable balance between payline and bet. Too many can be overwhelming to some people, while others find a thrill in having so many things up in the air at a single time.

One aspect of the game that some players might find disappointing is the limits to the payout. With ten regular icons and two special ones, the payout might seem a bit limited to some people. At the same time, they also tend to come more frequently as well. So in most ways, it balances out in the end. In general, the best way to compensate for this is by betting the maximum of 25 paylines per spin. With, obviously, the most fitting coin value for one’s personal bankroll. In general this is the best way to maximise the nature of the game’s numbers. Of course that’s also the nature of gambling. If there’s no aspect of gambling in a gamble, it’s hardly an adventure.

And that aspect of unpredictability is always at play in Dragon Master. There is, of course, the previously mentioned dragon master icon. It serves to replace any possible winning match within a spin. And it gives a nice audio introduction to let one know it’s in play. But there’s also the orb to be aware of. The orb acts as a scatter icon and will provide an exponential multiple for total payout on a winning spin. The dragon master icon is always good to see, but the orb is the general mark of when things have a high chance of really paying off well. Of course the best of the best is if one sees multiple combinations of dragon master and orb coming into play at the same time.

At first glance, Dragon Master can seem like a fairly standard slot. The graphics and general multimedia effects are functional, and help to draw one into the atmosphere of the game. But they’re not as eye catching as some other games. However, the real draw is the streamlined aspects of gameplay. It’s a system that’s complex, but not too complex. With some general rules which actually help to get players to maximize their betting strategy and general payout. It’s certainly worth giving a chance if one’s fond of video slots.